Posted by: vincentlopez | October 15, 2008

Ego Trip: Most Disappointing Debut Rap LP’s

You be the judge of this one.  Which albums are good, bad or awful to you?

Canibus – Can-I-Bus


Nas, AZ, Foxy Brown & Nature – The Firm The Album

Monie Love – Down to Earth

Ras Kass – Soul On Ice


Erick Sermon – No Pressure



PMD – Shade Business

Craig Mack – Project: Funk Da World


Warren G –Regualte…G Funk Era


AZ – Doe or Die


The Lox – Money, Power & Respect






  1. This is a great list. Specially, The Lox. But…

    In terms of the Monie Love and Warren G., was anyone really expecting them to make classics or anything monumental? Warren G. had like 3 big singles from that album and the day still hasn’t come when female MCs get total respect so…

  2. I don’t know – I LOVED both Doe or Die and Regulate…

    and Soul on Ice, really grew on me eventually…

    You have to admit, that Kenny G line in the description for Warren G is priceless.

  3. OH, and to say that Soul on Ice was disappointing because of the beats and not have Saafir’s debut on there is a little ridiculous if you ask me.

  4. Besides the Doe Or Die comments, Ego Trip was pretty on point. Doe had some classic joints on it (Sugarhill, Mo Murder, Ho Happy Jackie, Rather Unique). I think people just had way too high expectations after Illmatic’s sucsess. It wasn’t five mics but it was atleast a 3 and a half. On a side note is it just me or have all Canibus’ albums been garbage?


  5. ahhh u done did it with this one vincent, u struck a nerve with me on this one!!! Ego Trip was outta line with this list!! IM ABOUT TO GO IN!!!

    Canibus- this album only had 4 good cuts on here, so i have to say it was bad. But 2nd RD TKO is da damn sh*t! u cant front on that track. i aint gonna lie was dissapointed when i 1st heard this album when it came out, but he messed up himself for messin with Wyclef!! that would be the last person i would mess with. It will be a move he will regret later on as we all know. Alot talent, just hooked up with the wrong people.

    The Firm- This wasnt good, it was great!! The whole Firm movement in ’97 was huge!! i remember everybody wanted to be a part of it!! Even Jay Z!! Thats right, i done my research so i know what im talkin about. he wanted to do some songs with them. The Firm was hot as rocks when they came out, DJ Clue was playin mad exclusives from them on his mixtapes back then (i know, i have them all!!). How in the world can u front on Phone Tap? World Famous? Firm Biz remix with MJB? those are classic’s! I remember ’97 like it was yesterday, and the Firm was makin mad noise! I can tell u why Cormega wasnt in the group, but its a long story, but it wasnt Nas’s fault or call, it was Steve Stoute. im gonna leave it at that. The Firm was a movement yall, aint none like it since!

    Monie Love- ummm no comment.

    Ras Kass- This album to me was dope, u cant front on Miami Life, Anything Goes & Soul On Ice RMX! He didnt rhyme like a West Coast cat, he rhymed like an East Coast emcee. I was hooked on him ever since i heard Miami Life. This was album was nice!!

    PMD- now i guess this falls in the awful category, only because i only liked 2 songs from him as a solo artist, forget albums. Those 2 songs are “Ruff Rugged N Raw” & “Beef”. Thats it. so ya, awful.

    Craig Mack- to me this album is an certified classic!! thats right, i said it!! When i was in 7th grade i was jammin this man everydamn day!! Flava In Ya Ear was damn anthem around my way, i mean words cant explain it!! Then u got “Makin Moves with Puff”, “Get Down”, “When God Comes” and etc. This album was definetly on point. It brings back memories every time i see the album cover!! and remember he left Puff, Puff didnt let him go. he says cause Puff was payin too much attention to Biggie. Ummm, i think anyone would pay too much attention to Biggie. Thats a no brainer!

    Warren G- now when this came out, i didnt pay too much attention to him. But my brother loved him. and my mother loved “regulate” (crazy aint it?) But look back in retrospect, this album sold like 5-7x platinum, everybody and they mama had this album!! I remember when i 1st heard “You cant see”, i was jammin the hell outta that joint, 7th grade!! so this album deserves a good rating!

    AZ- now common sense will tell u that this album is a certified banger!! Sugar Hill, Gimmie Yours, Rather Unique, Ho-Happy jackie, Mo Money Mo Murder Mo homicide, Sugar Hill Remix….. I think u get the point! Great!!

    The Lox- I dont give a damn that this album came out in the jiggy era! This album is a definite banger!! Thats right, i still bang “If You Think Im Jiggy” til this day!! I love that joint and the video!! The Lox was on fire when they came out, DJ Clue was playin mad exclusives from them on his tapes!! That album had certified bangers on there!! We’ll Love Big Poppa, Thank You, Bitches from eastwick, All for the Love, So Right…. i mean come on, the album was hard!! this deserves and Great rating!! People dont let that jiggy shit fool u, if we was back in ’97, that was what poppin at that time, so please take a better look at this album. its a definite banger word up!!

    ok vincent, im done. i had to go in on this topic. i know alot people gonna respond and say what they wanna say with what i said, but its all good! Thats how i feel and im stickin wit it!! Its the facts people!!

  6. Erick Sermon-No Pressure? WTF? I thought that album was great, not a classic but a great album.

  7. Ayo i always loved soul on ice. never got the problems people had with the beats. doe or die is the f***n jam. i always disagreed with that one from the book.

  8. regulate and do or die are classics. I happen to enjoy Ras kass debut album!!!

  9. Soul On Ice is a banger to this day, Doe Or die was great, anyone who thought EPMD could carry solo albums is smoking rocks. Singles for sure but …….
    I don’t know. That sucked when they split.

    Even though I liked Regulate, TC is right, he was an also ran and for the most part, Warren G is boring.

    Same goes for Monie Love. Nobody I know gave a crap about her back then, female or not. She was completely eclipsed by Latifah….on several artistic levels. Man…..I really don’t like that record.

    The Firm record stunk. The whole mafia thing was tired before it started. Although the remix for Affirmative Action off of Nas’ single for Street Dreams with the Symphony beat is incredible, so they are collectively capable of greatness.

    Craig Mack’s record was good, but I did get kinda sick of his style pretty quickly and it only took a couple of years before Bad Boy was completely in the crapper and gave us The Lox.

    And finally…….I could never get behind any positive statements regarding Canibus. I know it’s silly, but I hate that guy’s name. I know it’s supposed to be all “I CAN BUS’ some raps” and everything, but it’s impossible for me to take someone seriously when they name themselves after weed.

  10. and i forgot one

    Erick Sermon- this album was iight, u cant front on Stay Real & Hostile!! Those are classics!! But this album was a typical ’92-’93 album.
    His best work is Double or Nothing, now that album is a classic!! No doubt!!

    if any of yall agree with that Ego Trippin article except monie Love & PMD, then somethin is wrong with yall. Seriously. You aint hip-hop if u do!

  11. don’t understand the canibus hate but whateva

  12. @Max, personally i liked him. he was a amazing talent. he has a classic track under his belt (2nd Rd TKO).
    but i just wish he was with the right people.
    wyclef was not the answer!

  13. […] Vincent over at thimk has links so you can download these albums and judge for yourself.  I was personally very disappointed about Canibus‘ debut.  The […]

  14. “Regulate” is the best summer album of all time. AZ shouldn’t be there, neither should Ras. That book had a lot of things in lists they shouldn’t belong in.

  15. Ummm… that Warren G. (the first one), WAS a classic to me! I liked almost EVERY song on there!

  16. Warren G?


    That’s one of the best West Coast albums ever. Warren G absolutely dominated radio and TV in 1994, 1995. He had like 3 or 4 hit singles off that record. It sold like 5 or 6 million.

  17. the beats on “No Pressure ” were slightly repetitive.
    that’s the main reason I don’t bump it nowadays..

    Ras Kass is a dope MC,but,I felt like most of the beats on “Soul On Ice” were on some west-coast-influenced bullshit.

    and again..”Doe Or Die”..had a few strong points(Rather Unique,that was the sound I was hoping to get through the whole album but unfortunately I didn’t.Ho Happy Jacky..also a very dope joint.)

    Monie Love – HUHHHHHH

    Craig Mack – one hit wonder.

  18. I think purchasing Canibus’ debut album was the biggest letdown of my hip hop life. I memorized all of his verses from guest appearances, copped every DJ Clue mixtape that featured him, even bought that wack a** Lost Boyz album because of “Beats From the East” and “My Crew.” It took me a good week of listening to that album non-stop to come to stop lying to myself and come to grips that my hero dropped a straight BRICK.

    His second album “2000 B.C.” had everything people wanted on the first one–raw beats, killer punchlines and metaphors, a hanndful of concept joints. But people were so snakebitten from that first album that most never checked for ‘Bis like that again.

  19. lookin back they were wrong about both ras kass and AZ

  20. Canibus for sure. I remember anticipating that album so much. I bought it the day it dropped and thought “dayum, that’s it?” when it was done.

    The Firm was pretty disappointing as well.

    I’m not sure how much anticipation there was for the Rassy before it dropped, but I’ve never been one that thought it was great or anything.

    Both the PMD and the E Double solo albums I like, but when you compare them to what you were hoping for before they dropped, they were a disappointment. In fact, it’s only the past few years that I can listen to the PMD without wanting to chuck it out the window.

  21. warren g – a bad debut? no, no. that’s one of the best post-’94 albums. it’s easy, but the sounds and the flow is great. and his mc skillz – well he got on da five footaz, twinz and that crazy a** malick (whatever happened to him) – so on the lyrical level – the album was dope as well.

  22. Craig Mack does not belong on this list his album is definitely a classic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  24. AZ’s Doe Or Die was incredible! Rather Unique! Sugar Hill! Mo’ Money, Mo’ Homicide! Happy Ho’ Jackie! Doe Or Die! Your World Don’t Stop! Uncut Raw! Incredible album! It got 4 mics!

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