Posted by: vincentlopez | October 10, 2008

The Source March 1995 issue featuring Slick Rick

Now that I think about it, Slick Rick was the first rapper in prison that everyone wanted freed.  Before DMX, Tupac, Cool C, Shyne and countless others, Rick was doing time ‘behind bars’ and he was never labeled a ‘thug’ once for trying to kill his own cousin.  And while prison helped Tupac’s image and work ethic, it practically destroyed Rick’s career in hip-hop.  I remember when Russell Simmons bailed out Rick to record two albums (The Ruler’s Back and Behind Bars) in ’91 (read that issue here  He just wasn’t himself and his focus was obviously on his family and legal issues.  Yeah, he had rhymes but those albums were all over the place conceptually.  In ’95, he was still stressed in prison and fighting deportation.  It always pained me that his talent never fully blossomed because of his situation.  I mean, could you imagine Tupac locked away for years after his first album was released?


Some other highlights from this issue:


Eazy E gets his own radio show on 92.3 The Beat in LA

Casual and Saafir have a freestyle battle in San Francisco

Big L with the hip-hop quotable for “Da Graveyard”

– Microphone Check with Dru Down, Red Hot Lover Tone, Three Times Dope, and Channel Live

E-40 building his empire by the Bay

– A brief history of Cuba

Shawn Kemp and Gary Payton carry Seattle to ‘regular’ season glory

– A first glimpse at Allen Iverson at Georgetown


Record Report:


New Jersey Drive OST (4 mics)

Big LLifestyles of Da Poor and Dangerous (4 mics)

Jemini “The Gifted One”Scars and Pain (3.5 mics)

World Renown – Self Titled (3.5 mics)

Channel LiveStation Identification (3 mics)

Rondo & Crazy RakThe Abused (3 mics)

Count Bass DPre-life Crisis (3 mics)

Rottin’ RazkalsRottin’ to Da Core (3.5 mics)

Duce DuceA Sip of the Duce (2.5 mics)


March 1995 issue



And here’s the March ’95 Fat Tape








  1. World Renown – Self Titled (3.5 mics)

    Too bad it was never released, that sucked big time.

  2. I mean, could you imagine Tupac locked away for years after his first album was released?

    People would have forgotten him since 2Pacalypse really didn’t have that big of an impact that his follow up albums had. Then by the time he came out of prison, it would have been much harder for him to catch back on with the newer fans similar to Slick Rick.

  3. good post vincent! im glad i have this issue.

    ya slick rick and his legal problems kind of held him up, but u cant front his ’99 album “The Art of Storytelling”, that was ill!!

    and to me World Renown is of the Greatest Groups that most people never heard of! i have their unrealesed LP, its damn near a classic! “How Nice I Am” & “Come Take a Ride” are 2 of the best hip-hop track ever put out! props to k-def and marley marl on the beats!

    if u dont have Big L’s 1st LP, then u aint hip-hop period!! nuff said.

    dont sleep on Jemini the Gifted One’s LP, its dope! I am Funk Soul Sensation!!

    • The version you have isn’t even the entire WR album. There are at least 5-6 tracks missing from that. K Def only put out the tracks he produced to make a buck. I heard in a interview that Seven Shawn didn’t get any of the profit.

  4. That Big L should’ve got a 3.5

  5. wrong

  6. @ TC, which album are u listenin to?
    3.5 mics huh?

    i really wonder about at times bro. u got me confused.

    just take another listen to that, and re-evaluate.

  7. Damn , good dropping right here Vincent. Thanks a lot.

  8. Are you taking requests on which issues to post? If so I have 3 of them:

    1) July ’99 Issue- Summer Music Preview (Missy & Timbo cover)

    2) September ’99 Issue- Diddy cover. Highlight was making of Biggie’s posthumous “Born Again”

    3) December ’99- Lil’ Kim cover

  9. Is there anyway you can reup the March ’95 Fat Tape now that zShare is having problems? I’ve just completed a world of searching and I can’t find it anywhere else at the moment. Thanks.

  10. Yo Brandan you have the original 95′ World Renown self titled or the 2007 Lost Tapes(the self titled with only 4 tracks missing) that was available on their MySpace?

  11. Big L-Lifestylez Ov Da Poor and Dangerous: Should have been 5/5 instead of 4/5.

  12. I’m with TC, “Lifestyles of da Poor and Dangerous” deserved 3.5 mics. The album should swap ratings with O.C.’s “Word Life”. LodP&D was just short on production (too plain).

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