Posted by: vincentlopez | October 8, 2008

Nas’ Illmatic Promo Video

I’ve been in a nostalgic 1994 mood for a minute now and today I stumbled upon this old video for NasIllmatic album.  I’m sure most of you have seen this before but if you haven’t, then be sure to see it immediately.  Be sure to check out how they were dressed and compare Nas’ attitude and demeanor then and now.  The Source even included a pic and interview, from the day this video was recorded, in the April 1994 issue.  Hopefully, you’ve read that issue by now (





  1. yo vincent i got this video. ive had it some time now. i was able to obtain it from a make it break video- best of nas tape.

    this piece is so classic its beyond words!!
    Nas was just about to take off, everybody was appointing him as that next n***a! getting high praise from everybody!! i mean he destined for this.

    the clothes we wore back then was da shit! ill jackets, skullies, timbs. check premier out, he wearin gold fronts on his teeth!! premier doin that!! i hope yall know, gold fronts was the sh*t back in the days!! everyone from wu-tang to fat joe to whomever was wearing gold fronts!!

    ’94 was just a illtime period. everybody was different, not the same. and real music was being made. not cornball sh*t! the stuff that was out was hp-hop music that shouldnt get played on the radio and it was. it shouldnt be played in the clubs, but they were and people was dancin to them!! i seen people dancing to “Mass Appeal” by gangstarr!! i mean they was gettin down!! and that is a hardcore hip-hop record not a dance record. that what im talkin about, thats the difference between today and the golden era of ’94!!

    yall know!! what im talkin about!!

    nice post vincent!!

  2. Field jackets, butter leathers, Carhartt, Polo, Girbaud, Guess, Helly Hansen. Excellent.

  3. I can’t say anything that wasn’t already said, or that isn’t already stating the obvious.


    Great Post!

  4. Super post, thun! Brought back MAAAAD memories.


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  7. Props.

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