Posted by: vincentlopez | October 3, 2008

Philadelphia Drive (Random tracks from the car #11)

Random Tracks #11


D’Angelo Barksdale, Wallace and BodieThe King Stay the King – from The Wire (And All the Pieces that Matter) 2008 – What’s an audio clip of The Wire doing here?  Because it was one of the greatest shows ever.  D’Angelo drops some knowledge in the pit.  Little did they know that that analogy applied to the game of life as well.


Intelligent Hoodlum/TragedyGrand Groove – from Saga of a Hoodlum 1993 – Thinking about my friend’s death led me to this song last week.  It was and still is one of my favorite songs to play when mourning.  I played this song on many days when I first heard it since it reminded me of my grandfather who passed in 1992.  I thought Tragedy was finally growing up, too, but then later he became Tragedy Khadafi with that Thug Matrix crap.


Nas w/Joell Ortiz and DJ Green LanternIn the Ghetto (remix) – from The N***** Tape 2008 – Pure genius using the Rakim joint but they should have asked him to actually rhyme on the remix since it is his song.  Yet another good song that should have been on Nas’ album.  It’s probably the reason why I like the N_____ Tape better than the retail, too.  Here comes The Lost Tapes 3.


Just IceLatoya – from Back to the Old School 1986 – Long story short, back in ’86 (at 13 years old) I went to Cheyney University for this middle/high school program and there was a DJ there who used to let me and my friends look through his record collection and watch him practice on his turntables.  One day we put this album on and this particular song just stuck with me.  At 13, I was amazed by it (and the album cover).  It’s not fantastic or anything but it’s good to hear how hip-hop production has progressed.  It’s also good to hear how hip-hop albums were made with minimal equipment back then.


EPMDIt’s My Thing – from Strictly Business 1988 – In 1987, this song basically changed my hip-hop world and apparently Phife’s (from Tribe), too.  They were like a younger, more laid back Run-DMC to me and that’s exactly what was missing when they came out.  Every time I play this song, it takes me back to computer class in the 10th grade when I used to listen to my walkman under my hoodie during class.


Big IshClips – Unreleased demo album 1991/1992 – I don’t think any of you have heard this before unless you’re from Philly and know Big Ish.  I got this from a friend of mine who had a friend at Overbrook High School and was friends with this guy.  When I first heard the demos back in 1991, I was floored.  To me, he was a combination of Redman and Scarface.  It’s a shame that he never got any mainstream exposure.  Let me know what you think about this one and I may post a few more.


WhodiniFriends – from Escape 1984 – This song should be required listening for people of all ages.  The message is pretty simple and yet for some of us, it just hasn’t sunk in.


I.N.I. w/Large Professor and Q-TipTo Each His Own – from Center of Attention 1996 – If you’re a Pete Rock fan, you must have heard this song (and album) already.  Too bad this album was shelved and unreleased for about 4 or 5 years.  I had a feeling that Pete Rock had beats stashed away for a ‘96 album with CL Smooth but with them breaking up, I guess he just gave them to his family.  These guys are not great lyricists by any means but the music is great and their voices fit.  The instrumental album is a must have for Pete Rock fans and luckily Strictly Beats had it on their site way back in 2006. 


Method Man w/Mary J. BligeI’ll Be There for You/You’re All That I Need To Get By (Rza remix) – from I’ll Be There for You/You’re All That I Need To Get By CD maxi-single 1995 – I think this was the song that pushed the album to platinum.  As soon as I heard the Rza version, I picked up that CD single at the store.  It’s not sappy like the Puffy version.


Dela w/Termanology and Queens ConnexStress – from Changes of Atmosphere 2008 – I haven’t found this for a reasonable price yet but it’s easily one of my top 3 albums released this year.  I think Dela is a producer from France and he reminds me of a mixture of Pete Rock, Q-Tip and J-Rawls.  This song doesn’t disappoint either except for the Jay-Z clone, Queens Connex.  I don’t like Jay-Z much at all so a clone doesn’t sound much better however Queens is a good impersonator.  Please listen to this album NOW:


NYOILSelf Destrukkktion – from Hood Treason 2008 – Hip-hop music with a message…and it’s a shame that it came out just before Nas’ album was released.  The album isn’t bad at all and this song has a very important message.  Don’t sleep on this.


DJ Clue w/Boot Camp ClikCome On – from The Professional 1998 – For those of you listening to the new Heltah Skeltah album, go back a decade and listen to this.


One Be LoDeceptacons – from S.o.n.o.g.r.a.m. 2005 – What an album.  This is definitely a must have if you like lyrics with substance and jazzy beats.


Theory HazitGo Home (remix) – from Lord Fire 2008 – This song has almost blown the speakers in my car because I play it LOUD.  And Lord Fire is still my favorite album thus far in 2008.





  1. Correction thee greatest show ever lol.

    They definitely had an advantage being on HBO. Shows like 24 and The Shield try be intense but they can’t match the explicit nature. And I think that’s something The Wire had on everybody.

  2. great reading your blog.

  3. Thanks for this link Vincent:
    I remember purchasing this from my local westfields: I’ll Be There for You/You’re All That I Need To Get By CD maxi-single 1995. It reminded me of another single I havent heard in a while and was wondering if u had it? It is the big poppa remix, it was on a CD single with craig mack, biggie changes his verse slightly and says “in the chuguzii baby babyyyy..”

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