Posted by: vincentlopez | October 1, 2008

The Source February 1995 issue

I’ll get back to the regular write ups with the March issue.


February 1995 issue





  1. Thanks for this issue. Oh and I’m 13 years late but I always wanted to give a big F**K OFF to The Source for only giving Dah Shinin’ 3 Mics, WTF?

  2. ^^^ Yeah, I know. It’s missing a half of Mic


  3. Props!!!

    MC Eiht is definitely one of the most underated cats on the West Coast. “We Come Strapped” is a classic.

    Also, isn’t it weird to see 2pac in trouble in every damn issue?

    I’d almost forgot how much sh*t dude was constantly into. R.I.P.

  4. Now this issue I still have to this day. The MC Eiht story was well written. MC Eiht is definitely an overlooked talented MC.


  5. I been trying to download this for two weeks without success, could you please re up

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