Posted by: vincentlopez | September 18, 2008

Ego Trip: Top 5 Mainstream Media Rap Coverage Travesties

This is pretty much self-explanatory.  It seems as if the mainstream media has despised hip-hop since the beginning.  Can the hip-hop blogger world help change the negative perception?  Or it the responsibility of the artists themselves?





  1. its both. we can do our part to shed some light on the positives of hip-hop thats never been seen by the media.

    but the artists gotta know they are targets and they cant mess up. cause if u do, its over. they will be all over u!! ask jay z, back in ’99 he got arrested on a assult charge (yall know why), and he said when that happened he wised up quick cause he knew how fast his hard work to make it could be tooken away! at least he figured it out. others dont seem to get it.

  2. Vince real spit, this sh*t is timely.

    I am putting together a piece on the history of Hip Hop blogs, and in many ways the sentiment has been that early blogging was like early Hip Hop.

    We cared about the music and BEEFIN’ with each other. Not about being a tool of the labels.

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