Posted by: vincentlopez | September 15, 2008

D.I.T.S. – Cassingles Strike Back Part 1!

Talk about some worn out tapes!  The little cardboard tape holders are falling apart and some tapes are almost dead.  I salvaged a few though and these are amongst my favorite cassingles from the 90’s.  Never underestimate the value of Timberland shoeboxes for storing old cassettes.  On just about every trip to the store for CD’s, I would search the cassingles rack for remixes or tracks that were not included on the albums.  And that’s exactly what I’m posting here for you today.  Since my tape deck overpowers the Spin it Again program, the sound levels are pretty high and I have no idea how to adjust it. If you can’t hear some of these tracks clearly, then I’ll search around for the lower level vinyl versions. 


And before someone asks me, the tracklist is the jpeg pic.





  1. Boogiemonsters, had some dope remixes for their first album. One could argue that the remixes were all better than the original versions.

    Undisputed Champs…Pep had me rewinding his verse like mad. I think he outshone both Q-Tip and Del (by no means an easy task).

  2. @ Boothe – I agree. Boogiemonsters had some really good remixes. Even the “Strange” remix is good.

  3. DoPe tunes, thanks a lot homie!!!

    STaY BLeSS`n…

  4. I think that “Mansion and a Yacht” on the b-side of that Kurious single is my favorite song ever. I’ve been rocking that sh*t since the day it came out.

    The wax version of that single had two different mixes of it. One was the Baja Panties and the other was Merchantz mix. Both fresh as h*ll.

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