Posted by: vincentlopez | September 2, 2008

Never Heard Before

Over the weekend, I had to move most of my Source and XXL mags due to space issues.  Being the clumsy old fool that I am, they toppled onto the floor when I attempted to carry too many.  Anyway, as I reorganized them and flipped through a few here and there, I saw some album ads that sparked my curiosity.  I made a list of the albums that I have never heard before because I was either not interested when they were released or just plain broke at the time.  Anyway, I need your opinions on which albums listed below are worth a listen and which ones are not.


1. Eightball and MJGOn the Outside Looking In

2. TwinzConversation

3. Dove ShackThis is the Shack

4. RBXThe RBX Files

5. AMGB**ch Betta Have My Money

6. Cool BreezeEastpoint’s Greatest Hits

7. MilkNever Dated

8. Crucial ConflictThe Final Tic

9. Nappy RootsWatermelon, Chicken & Gritz





  1. Well, the Eightball MJG record is a what I like to consider a “hood classic”, meaning that it’s a record that dudes in the hood bumped in their cars a lot. It was alright

    The Twinz record was basically ignored after a decent first single “Round & Round”. I got it, but I don’t really remember anything about it.

    The Dove Shack- Just like the Twinz in trying to capitalize off of their apperance on Warren G’s classic “Regulate” album, but just were ignored mostly.

    That RBX record was not that good. No rapper in history recycles rhymes as much as RBX. The man was sooo dope on The Chronic but essentially spit the same shit, but without Dre beats, which equals a bad rating.

    The AMG record was aiiight, it introduced the much underrated Boss on “Mai Sister iz a B**ch”. Her record is better than this.

    Cool Breeze had some pretty dope production on that. Don’t remember much other than that. Organized Noise is really underated.

    That Crucial Conflict is one of those Midwest Classic records. I know a lot of people outside of the region aint that into them, but in the Chi and surrounding areas, they’re damn near legendary. One of the biggest records of ’95-96, in my area.

    Never was that into Nappy Roots.

  2. you should most def check the Milk album out. It’s an EP actually. Everything Milk spits on is memorable.

    that AMG joint is a fun listen as well!


  3. LOL. MILK!??!

    Milk is the only rapper to get TWO Consecutive “S” in XXL. I don’t give a f*ck about no subjective listening or none of that. That’s a**. That’s saying you’re weak sauce with a side of spinach dip.

    I have heard all except #2 and 3.

    If ya heard one Ball and G, you heard ’em all.

    RBX, Milk, Crucial Conflict: Garbo.

    Cool Breeze: MEGA disappointment. You see he faded away after this right?

    AMG: While I’ve never been into non-megastar Cali gangsta rap, this was like a cult favorite. However, like most old albums (probably could say the same for all of these list), if you missed the boat the first time, you probably won’t catch the wave.

    Nappy Roots is easily the best on this list and it was good, wholesome, honest, Hick-Hop. “Ballin’ On A Budget” was a banger. Their appeal faded fast too.

  4. man, this is a diffucult one vincent. each one of these albums got some nice singles, some even has some classic singles.

    but as albums???…. i dont know. i havent heard any of them. and to tell u the truth probably wont ever.

    this is a tuff one vincent. good luck though.

  5. As I recall Crucial Conflict was wack as f*ck and was actually thrown in the trash (only other album I can ever remember doing that with was Master P – Ghetto D). I would rather eat a whole pack of turkey hot dogs than listen to that album all the way through again.

  6. I’ve always thought Milk was cool. Ever since Audio Two with “Top Billin”. That song goes hard. The singles off of “Never Dated” were ‘Get Off My Log’ and ‘Spam’. Both of which were pretty damn good. I think a lot of people got bothered by his voice. Whatever. We’ll always have “Top Billin”.

  7. U threw away Ghetto Dope!!?!?

    SMH. WTF.

  8. Nappy Roots is definitely the pick of the litter, and this is coming from someone who’s not really feeling that southern rap. Their new album is incredible too.

  9. Crucial Conflict was, for the most part, garbage (oddly enough, by complete coincidence, I downloaded this yesterday for nostalgia’s sake and remembered why I got rid of it in the first place). However, there were a couple gems on it. Same goes for The Dove Shack – most of it was trash, but there are a couple great ones on there.

    But here’s the real deal … how ANYONE could ever sleep on The Twinz “Conversation” is beyond me. It is, without a doubt, a classic of 90’s era of hip-hop that, sadly, went completely under the radar and was widely overlooked. But it is a sonic masterpiece of Warren G production, on par with anything from the Death Row era. If you’re looking for grimey, then this isn’t for you. But if you’re seduced by the smooth G-funk sounds of tracks like Tha Shiznit, Doggy Dogg World, Regulate, This DJ, etc, then drop whatever you’re doing and go cop this. Lyrically it’s ok, but musically, it’s brilliant (and hearing Bo Rocc in his prime on there is fantastic).

  10. though the album borders on being ridiculously ignorant, B**ch Betta Have My Money is a sleeper classic. if you like fun debauchery set to dope beats (think early Quik), then you’ll like it.

  11. my brother,
    i overlooked them until i saw that album in a friends collection,

  12. @everyone – I listened to all of these over the past couple of weeks and Nappy Roots was the best of the bunch.

  13. that ball and g brings back memories man and that cool breeze is an atl classic i still bumb that down here

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