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The Source November 1994 issue featuring Redman

The November 1994 issue was the beginning of the end for The Source as a credible voice in hip-hop.  After years of building a solid reputation as a magazine with integrity, the magazine’s founder folded under pressure and inevitably lost his magazine because of it.  The original Source staff left while compiling this issue due to the Dave Mays/Benzino craziness going on at the time.  That short article on the Almighty R.S.O., inserted by Dave Mays without telling the editors, broke the camel’s back.

If you haven’t read the whole story yet, then read it here:


You can also clearly see that the magazine was not completed due to their “staffing” problems.  The Record Record cuts off abruptly in the middle of Da Youngstas review leaving the reader in limbo but they make up for the missing reviews in the January 1995 issue, I think.


Anyway, as you can see, the ‘funkadelic’ Redman graced the cover (there were actually two cover versions).  Redman was high on my list of great artists at the time but his album (Dare is a Darkside) and attitude were big letdowns for me.  I thought he had really gone crazy back then and come to find out later on that he was on acid or some other hallucinogenic drug(s) in ’94.  Sure, he had lyrics but what the eff was he talking about?  I really want to hear from the people who like this album.  Why do you think it’s good?  I don’t get it.


Also, please be sure to check out Travis’ ‘This or That’ debate here

discussing which album is Redman’s best amongst his first three albums (Whut Thee Album vs. Dare is a Darkside vs. Muddy Waters).


Some other highlights from this issue:

– The Tupac article from the September ’94 issue generates a mass response including letters from a few notables including filmmaker Albert Hughes, Joe Clair (past host of BET’s Rap City), and our very own opinionated T.C. (perhaps?)

Dr. Dre goes to prison for drunk driving

Poohman is in prison for armed robbery

Method Man with the hip-hop quotable for “The What”

PMD returns solo

– The hip-hop scene in Atlanta is profiled – …and there’s a nice little article featuring one of the best production groups anywhere; Organized Noize.  Would Outkast and/or Goodie Mob have been successful without Organized behind the boards?

– Microphone Check with King Tee, Mad Lion, Kidd Money and Goodie Mob

– Young, homeless boys in South Africa struggle to survive


Record Report:

The RootsDo You Want More?!!!??! (4 mics)

The CoupGenocide and Juice (3.5 mics)

O.C.Word…Life (3.5 mics)

Thug LifeVolume 1 (3 mics)

Da YoungstasNo Mercy (3 mics)


November 1994 issue part 1


November 1994 issue part 2





  1. LOL @ the beginning of the end. They held it down for YEARS after this. The rocks started to crumble when Benzino decided to go @ Eminem. And they did crumble fast…

    • TRUE. DAT!

  2. me personally i stopped buying the source around 2003. it just wasnt the same anymore. but their best work was in the 90’s.

    that dare iz a darkside album is one of my all-time fav. albums. the rhymes were dope and the beats were outta this world!! Erick sermon & rockwilder did their thing on production. There is no way u can deny Cant Wait, Basically, Sooperman Luva 2, Tonights the Night remix & Rocafella as dope jamz. i mean u just cant! and there is more but i cant remember right now.

    and on WYDU they havin a debate on whats better dare iz a darkside or muddy waters. and that to me can go either way. both are classics in my book. so im not gonna disrespect any of those 2 albums by going one way or another.
    instead of voting against one another, we should appreciate those 2 albums as classics in hip-hop history. i will never choose between the 2, cause they both are classics!

    and that roots album should at least be 4.5 mics! But that track “Proceed” should be 5 mics alone!!

  3. and madd props to Organized Noise. they done so many classics its not even funny. They done more to me for ATL, than JD did. real talk.

    if anyone seen that episode of Rap City back in ’96 or ’97 when they went to the Dungeon and interviewed Organized Noise, then u know those guys was doin it fo real! Do ur research people!

    Nice post Vincent!!!

  4. More memories. I remember for years thinking who the f*ck is this Benzino cat when reading all these articles about him. Mad Lion? What ever happened to him? Still remember him most for the lead verse on the D&D posse cut. Good stuff brah.

  5. I missed this issue when it came out. Thanks so much for posting it.

  6. Yeahhh…

    I don’t see how you not like …Darkside and like Whut? or Muddy Waters. What’s the difference? Has he ever made any sense on his solo songs? I think he’s always limited himself by not going in conceptually. It’s funny when he made a real song (“I Bee Dat”) for that weak a** Doc’s Da Name 2000, he got his biggest sales. Sometimes you gotta conform.

  7. @TC – “Sometimes you gotta conform.” Unfortunately, I agree 100% with that.

  8. Doc’s Da Name 2000 was not garbage, that album was on point. it went platinum plus in sales. that was his last good album.
    I bee dat wasnt a real song, it more like a hip-hop/ party jam. it went hard. no real thinkin into it, just cleverness. plus a funny classic video for the track helps.
    i dont know why yall are so opinionated on real hip-hop music, classic music at that.
    yall to be glad about that time in music, dont antagonize it or overanaylze it.

  9. Yet, I’ve always loved this issue. Thanks, when I thought back to my Sources that were mercilessly thrown out, this is one of the issues I never thought I’d read again.

    You already know why I love Dare….it was really really close call for me, and still is.

  10. and i am glad that i do have this issue.

    yall must see a default in dare iz a darkside that i dont see. to me its a flawless album, it was all good.

    i remember seein red on the show (the movie) and sayin he was happy goin gold on Dare!

    remember back then goin gold was just as good as goin platinum. ask EPMD! they was proud they shit gold like 3-4x in a row.

    cmon now.

  11. Default in Dare…= It’s not about nothing. Just a bunch of spittin’. Ill no doubt, but fruitless.

  12. i think DIADS is red’s best album, slightly ahead of both whut? and muddy waters. all three are great, but i personally like DIADS’ dark feeling; the murkiness of the tracks. i didn’t really feel it at first…as in, i didn’t play it again for 2 or 3 months, but when i picked it up again and that atomic dog sample on bobyahed2dis snuck up on me, i was cool. noorotic and can’t wait sealed the deal for me.

  13. @ Brandan and Avery – I just don’t get it but I see why you like it. I can only listen to “Can’t Wait” and “Tonight’s Da Nite (remix)”. I’d honestly rather have the instrumental album without his acid induced raving on the mic.

  14. I’m at a loss for words. In my opinion Dare Iz A Darkside is Classic material. This album is a feat of high-level Lyricism on multiple levels. Style, flow, lyrical dexterity, all on display. He was doing that outer space shit in 94′ and he could get stupid! If you don’t respect his spitting you can’t deny this being one of the best produced rap albums of all time, period.

    DIAD > Muddy Waters> Whut The album

    On a side note, I honestly feel that Redman, regardless of what he was using, is a legend in this game. yeah I’ll say it, his work speaks for itself. The fact this bog subject exist. I read a funny blog the other day, the basic premise was that the reason that The Game and Young Jeezy are 2 of the top artists historically speaking because of the quality of their first three projects.

    Whut The Album…
    Dare Iz A Darkside
    Muddy Waters


    The Documentary
    Doctor’s Advocate

    Young Jeezy-
    Thug Motivation 101
    The Inspiration
    The Recession

    Winner: Redman’s WTA/DIAD/MW
    Clearly Redman’s Three albums tower both those catalogs quality. I like some of their music too, I’m not hating cause some of those albums are good and I enjoy them, I’m just being honest. I think Redman doesn’t get enough credit, he birthed alot of styles, and he was a top 10 MC period.

  15. vincentlopez u r great man i luv your uploads!can u just reupload it?thank you man!peace

  16. @redmannnn – Check out this link:

  17. Funny reading this cuz Im bumpin ‘Darkside’ right now and damn…..Red was on some OTHER, other shit – and that is a good thing!! I wish he would return to THIS style. We need some wild shit in hiphop cuz everyone is playin safe like sum punks right now. When Little Wayne and Gucci mane are considered the ‘hottest’ artists – we got a fu##in problem.
    – Jay, hiphop old head

  18. Dare is a Darkside might have been Red’s best album. (Green Island, We Run NY, Buddah Spots! come on son…) and the Source held it down about 3 years after after 94. By 97 and 98 you saw the change.

  19. […] mentions the original situation down on his site and  regi dennis breaks it down at length in an extensive interview on hiphopdx […]


  21. […] The Funk Doc on the front with his signature locs and skully. Inspired by the Source Cover he graced in 1994 […]

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