Posted by: vincentlopez | August 19, 2008

The Source 20th Anniversary Covers




I know I’m late on this.  I jacked these covers from Miss Info and some other site whose name I can’t recall.  Anyway, is anyone out there planning on buying one or more of these 20th anniversary issues?  If so, let me know if there’s anything worth scanning in there and I’ll ask my cousin or nephew to get me a copy.  Does anyone even buy print magazines anymore?  Or are you more likely to just hit up your favorite blog/site for daily info?





  1. i might cop that nas cover just for the collection, but thats it.
    i dont buy new hip-hop mags anymore, i stopped doing that a couple years ago.
    i only collect old Source mags and old XXL mags and old Vibe mags from the 90’s.
    thats all and nothin less!!

  2. U know I do…

    for archival purposes only. No one’s gonna believe me but I say The Source fell off when Benzino got the official boot.

  3. I’ll say Mays let Benzino take that mag down the toilet. I haven’t bought a Source in years, although I do thumb through them in the grocery store.

    I will pick up a Murder Dog every now then but those are hard to find.

  4. Whuts up wit LL’s green mustache and purple lips LOL!

  5. Hmmm of all those covers the Cube one is the only cover that looks professional. The others look like they were done with microsoft paint!

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