Posted by: vincentlopez | August 18, 2008

D.I.T.S. – A Tribe Called Quest

Diggin In The Shoebox


After all these years, I have finally been able to burn some of the old tapes sitting in shoeboxes in my basement.  It’s a slow process (for me) but I have a ton of good stuff for all of you and I’ll try to post a little each week.  For today, I’m posting up some old Tribe Called Quest from their Low End Theory sessions.  The quality of these tapes is not good after 15+ years so don’t complain about the sound. 


Here’s the version of Scenario that I had from ‘91:


Also, you can get yet another version of Scenario @ Unkut with details of what was going on during these recording sessions:


And last but not least here’s the Georgie Porgie song featuring Brand Nubian that was rejected by their label, Jive.  So they kept the same beat and re-recorded it as Show Business.  In Check The Technique, I think Q-Tip explained that Grand Puba didn’t want to come back and re-record the song with a different topic.











  1. Nice Vincent you finally got around to ripping some tapes!

    I wonder how many versions of Scenario there are?

    Thanks for the demos man great to hear!

  2. Great drops, but I can’t help but think that the unreleased version of “Showbiz” is now going to cause something of a mini-p.r. scandal for Q-tip….

  3. @R.H.S. De OhWord – Jive was scared it would cause a scandal back in ’91. Today, I’m not so sure if anyone would care.

  4. And Congradulations. You have won the award for making John Q’s day. Man this is great to hear different perspectives on the songs I love. Thanks for this drop.

  5. VL – I hope you’re right but the hip hop blogosphere is EXTREMELY pro-homo these days. And Q-Tip has been back in the spotlight quite a bit lately talking about how hiphop has gone the negative route and whatnot.

  6. Thanks a lot for these treasures!

  7. AMAZING. Thank you. Sorry i was no help to you. My offer still stands though it didnt work ever.

  8. […] to bang the box and their friends over at Unkut & THIMK, for […]

  9. […] to the friends and ends over at Unkut & THIMK, another unreleased version of Scenario has […]

  10. Hello, I’d love to hear these TCQ tracks, but the links no longer work. Can you please forward them to me or re-link?

    andy filius

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