Posted by: vincentlopez | August 15, 2008

Random – Theory Hazit, God of War, and Burning Old Tapes

Rarely does an album ‘feel’ this good to me but Lord Fire has done it.  In a weird twist for me, I’ve been playing this in my car exclusively all week long.  It’s THAT good people.  I’ve always said that I’d rather listen to an MC who I can ‘feel’ before someone who is super scientific and complex lyrically.  But Theory Hazit doesn’t slack lyrically at all.  It reminds me of the music from ’92 to ’94.  This is my number one album thus far in 2008.  Definitely some real hip-hop.







Another thing that’s been eating away at my time late nights is God of War and God of War 2.  Being a single parent, I rarely get the chance to indulge in my love of video games.  My cousin had been recommending both God of War games to me over the years but I just couldn’t find the time to play.  But by being forced to wait a couple of years to buy games, I can get them used for $9.99.  Well, I just happened into Game Stop recently and scooped up both of these games for that low price.  If you’re into adventure games like me (I loved Pitfall and Castlevania), then these are for you and chances are you’ve played these already anyway.  They’re ridiculously action packed and gory as heck.  For right now, it’s the perfect stress reliever.  Part two is better, longer and much more of a challenge than the first so I’d suggest you spend your $9.99 on that one.


Last but not least, after I beat God of War 2 this weekend, I’m going to try to burn some old tapes to mp3 files for the first time.  Someone recommended that I use Acoustica Spin It Again to record the tapes so wish me (and you) some luck.  I might finally be able to post those old, unheard classics on the site.  Oh yeah, could one of you recommend software to break up the songs into individual files instead having one long mp3?






  1. just found your site via unkut. really nice work here, thanks. if you haven’t found anything to split mp3s, this is what i use…

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