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Requested: The Source May 1990 and XXL December 1999

The May 1990 issue of The Source was originally posted in the comments by Frank back in April and requested by Damon and Booyabase.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any other Source mags from 1990.  If someone out there has any of the other issues from 1989 or 1990, then let me know.


Here’s Frank’s description:

Inside this issue you will find following things mentioned:

Kool Keith Solo Album from 1990, Ultramagnetics and Kool keith performing live their new material for “Pathmark/free cheese” Records. WTF ALLERT !!!!

The unsigned hype crew is called “Ground Zero”. What is not written is that Jean Grea was ones a member of Ground Zero.

Blair Underwood, who performed as Russel Simmons in the movie “Krush Groove” and is famous for his role in LA Law and Malcolm Jamal Warner who is famous for playing Theodore Huxtable in the Cosbys where the directors for some Black Rock & Ron videos.

By the way, Malcolm Jamal Warner is singing christian soul and gospel today and looks like the Predator.

DJ David from Hamburg is mentioned as DMC Champion, fuck him !!! Today he plays very sucessfull poker.

MC Rid of Boo Yaa Tribe is rapping on this Swing Single.

DJ Too Tuff has teamed up with John Gilmore from Heavy Metal Group Executive Slacks.

Ced Gee is working in philly on a solo carrer, Kool Keith maybe becomes a member of NWA and Tim Dog promises to become large. One year later he disses the hell out of NWA. Maybe this is a revenge for Kool Keith not becoming a part of NWA ???

VERY STRANGE !!!!!!!!!!!

Generation grunge gets a honorable mention before anyone knew what grunge is. Soundgarden and Queensryche are name dropped as “Seattle Sound”. Who the fuck is Nirvana !!!!!

Nastymix Records artists Side F/X are compared to De La Soul. I have to say “This is a Journey” ist a very good album, but comparing it with 3 ft. high and rising is like …. ???

In the Source Radio Network a boy from Berlin called Adrian Nabi from A.A.M. Productions is dropping his Playlist. He mentiones Snap with “The Power” LOL !!!
But he is also the only who drops the “Free South Africa Song” from Bambaataa.

In a readers mail with the fantastic title “Computer Scratching ?” a guy called DJ Evil-I is asking why the industrie is stoping pressing vinyl. He is asking if Terminator X and 45 King should start to cut up CD’s at their concerts ?? Back than he meant it as a joke LOL !!! If only he would have known !!!!

Yo RZA !!!! Who invented it ??????


May 1990 issue

And this December 1999 issue of XXL was requested by Brandan.  I skipped scanning 60+ pages of advertisements so you’ll have to make due. 


Doesn’t Amil look scary on the cover?  Her eyebrows were super thick!


Part 1


Part 2






  1. THANK GOD!!
    I Finally Found it!!
    after 10 years!!

    yo vincent, if u can find an extra copy of this mag, i will pay top dollar for it!!

    so if u find another, please lmk!!

    good lookin for this!!

  2. @Brandan – I guess you’re happy?! If I get another copy, I’ll let you know first.

  3. That’s April ’90 playa

  4. ‘Kool Keith Solo Album from 1990’, this was the holy grail for me back than. I was a little disappointed when Funk Your Head Up dropped. Ultras were the shit with Critical Beatdown.

  5. @TC – April ’90? Take a look at the top left corner of the cover.

  6. Good post vincent , keep your work

  7. Critical Beatdown JUST sounds like the Best.

    Vince…I have come to the conclusion that this shit is internet anthrpology at its best.

    I am trying to come up with a list of bloggers who may want to be down with 100 Visionaries.

    You interested?

  8. – Sure, but I need more info.

  9. @ Vincent

    Take a look @ the pages in the file.

  10. @TC – Take a look (if you have it) of The Source’s January ’98 issue with LL holding the five golden mics. In the middle, there is a picture of every Source cover up to that time. You’ll see that there never was an April ’90 issue published. The March ’90 issue had Malcolm X on the cover and then they skipped to May ’90 with Chuck D, which was essentially a combined April/May issue. The monthly issues didn’t begin until May ’91.

  11. Got it. Notice it. That’s a** lol

  12. can u uplad this one too homie?

  13. @ddd – That old Source is here:

  14. do you still have the XXL one with Roc A Fella?

    Ps: thank you man i really appreciate the work and this site.

    mad props

  15. @ddd – Here you go:

  16. thank you my man

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