Posted by: vincentlopez | August 5, 2008

So What ‘Cha Want?

I should be done scanning and posting the 1994 Source issues by the end of this month so I wanted to get some feedback on what you want to see next on this site. 


Do you want me to continue scanning the Source magazines in order month by month (beginning with January 1995)?


Or would you like for me to take your requests for random issues of the Source (or XXL) that you absolutely can’t wait 2 or 3 years for?  If this is the case, then please give me the issue date(s) and cover description(s).


Or a little of both?


Let me know. 





  1. The 2Pac cover features were always interesting 🙂

    Thanks for taking the time to bring everything you have done so far.

  2. Do you have any “Rappin'” mags?

  3. i wanted to know if u can post that issue of XXL with the ROC on the cover (jay, dame, beans, bleek and amil) and they posing in front of a bentley (i think) and its a red background.
    I think its a ’99 or early 2000 issue. i dont know the month.
    it will be really grateful if u can post this issue!
    also if u have this issue will be willing to sell it? i been lookin for this issue goin on 10 years now!

  4. First of all, think you for the old copies of The Source. These definitely bring back memories! I came up during the golden era of hip-hop so I would love to see the rest of 94 and 95′, etc. So sad to see what The Source has become in the new milli.

    P.S. Do you have any of the 89′ or 90′ copies?


  5. keep doin the Source

  6. @hotbox – I don’t have that magazine.

    @Brandan – I think I have that. But you’ll have to make due with a scan. I don’t sell my mags.

    @Damon – Someone else put a link for the May 1990 issue (Chuck D) in the comments somewhere. I’ll search for it and re-post it for you.

  7. you should postin’ the source ’95 issues

  8. Forget if I already asked you Vincent but do you have The DJ Issue of Rap Pages from April 1996 with DJ Premier on the cover?

    Keep up the great work!

  9. @Andyman187 – I don’t have any Rap Pages. I’ve never even seen one of those mags before.

  10. If you have any copies of Ego Trip, it would be cool to see those up. I’d still like to see the rest of those Source issues and if you’re gonna put em up, I think you should do it in order. It also would be cool to see some of your local stuff from back in the day if you have any. Maybe newspaper articles or show flyers. Shame about the lack of Rap Pages….that magazine was great. Bobbito used to write for them.

  11. if u scan it, its still all good. ill be happy as hell when u are able to do that. please lmk when u get ready to do that!

    keep doing yo thang vincent!

  12. Keep posting Source , should be great

  13. Keep it going, JUST the way it is. That’s the beauty of it Vince. We’ll all be around here for years. And just continue to grow…

  14. It would be great if u are going put more Source 1992-1998 (more copies) i`ll appricate. Thnanks in advance

  15. Oh yeah, just keep posting goood stuff (but i like old issues (pre-94) most). Thank you

  16. Continue the month by month format…

  17. go on the way you do

  18. yup, just keep posting the source month by month so i can get my fix 🙂 appreciate your work!

  19. Would be great to see some of the 89-90 Source issues… I can’t seem to find those anywhere on the net. Anyway, keep doing your stuff, its great!

  20. If you got the XXL with D’angelo on the cover that would be great, since I lost that one.

    It’s one of the earliest issues.

  21. @Krisch – I have that issue. But it’ll be a minute before I get back to scanning XXL’s. I’m focusing on the Source mags for now.

  22. yeah, don’t sweat it, thanks.

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