Posted by: vincentlopez | August 1, 2008

Philadelphia Drive (Random albums from the car #3)

MC Lyte – Eyes on This (1989)

Who’s the best female MC ever?  You may say Foxy, Remy Ma or even Lil Kim but if you ask my woman, it’s MC Lyte.  While her first album, Lyte as a Rock, was enjoyable, this one is the preferred version in my car.  Every time I put this on, my woman jumps up and starts rhyming every lyric like she’s Lyte herself.  I guess, Lyte was a good role model for up and coming female MC’s back in the late 80’s and that makes me wonder, who are the girls looking up to these days in hip-hop?  I mean, which females today are respected for their rhyme skills first as opposed to their glamorous photographs?  If you have a teenage niece or cousin into hip-hop, then this definitely an album for the young ladies to hear.


Organized Konfusion – Self Titled (1991)

I remember buying this some time after getting The Low End Theory and no one was really trying to hear back then.  It’s not very commercial or radio friendly at all.  The first thing I thought after listening to it was, “I’ll bet they’ll be playing this music 100 years from now on another planet.”  It just seems timeless to me.  Pharoahe Monch and Prince Po crafted a true gem here that is still under the radar.  The wordplay is way over the top for most people but if you’re into lyricism like me, this one’s for you.


Hieroglyphics – Third Eye Vision (1998)


I don’t know how I missed this ten years ago.  When I finally heard about it a few years after its initial release, I just kept putting it off and putting it off until earlier this year when I read about it on another blog.  I have to say that this album sounds like the Hieroglyphics I enjoyed in ’93 and ’94.  They’re just having fun and spitting lyrics.  This Oakland crew comes through once again with good hip-hop.


Dead Prez – Let’s Get Free (2000)


I always felt that this album came out of no where.  I may have heard about it a month or so before it was released and it hit like a battering ram in my ears.  I really love this album.  It’s full of focused emotion, aggression and conscious lyrics.  Truly a breath of fresh air in 2000.  The one thing that that irked me was the stupid sticker on the CD cover covering the guns.  Was the label kidding?  How many other albums have had guns on the cover?

DJ Green Lantern – Throwback Classics Vol. 1 (200?)


This is nothing more than feel good hip-hop music.  I love these old mixes of classics while I’m riding around.  This is the kind of CD I’d play with my younger cousins or nephews in the car to educate them on the good stuff.  I think I bought this from quite a few years ago.  Since the zshare link doesn’t have the proper track listing, you’ll have to see it here:






  1. Man do I love me some Lyte. She was my first rapper crush and that still holds up to this day. I still listen to those early records all the time. Big ups on the looks over skills point as well. Those mushroom haircuts were buggin though!!

  2. Hey, thanks for the uploads. Esp. Dead Prez. I love that album, it doesn’t get talked up enough.

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