Posted by: vincentlopez | July 31, 2008

Ego Trip: Tribe’s Midnight Marauders album covers

I don’t know how I missed this one.  Sitting on the throne and flipping through this Ego Trip book looking for pages to scan, I found a listing of all of the people that were photographed for Tribe’s Midnight Marauders album cover.  What I didn’t know was that there were 3 separate album covers.  I always thought there were just 2.  I think I bought the one with the green frame.  Which one did you buy?





  1. I’d heard about this list but I’ve never seen it. Thanks for the scan.
    My brother has both the red and the green frame.

    • Hi there. Would your brother be willing to sell the red border album?

  2. Dang you got me flipping through my copy of egotrip rap lists now. I wish they’d make another one already. It’d be a lot better than Miss Rap Supreme forreal.

    Great site man, forreal.

  3. I have the green frame.

    I’ve heard about Ego Trip’s book before, but now I might have to pick it up after seeing these posts.

    Thanks for everything, this site is a gem!

  4. I’ve got the green frame. I still can’t believe how many people aren’t up on Ego Trip’s stuff. I read the hell out of that magazine when it was around. I’ve gotten tired of reminding my friends about it when I reference the book of lists or their second banger, Ego Trip’s Big Book Of Racism, which may be the funniest book I’ve ever read. And that’s word to Ted Bawno.

  5. […] Check out Vincent’s post on THIMK for a full detail of all the artists that appear on the album cover.  Thanks for scanning that […]

  6. Hey Fellas,

    I got the Green one (the most common) .. and the Black frame too! Pretty rare

    • Hi- would you be willing to sell the black frame album?

  7. […] like the revered Midnight Marauders album cover(s), this is Q-Tip’s ode to hip-hop – his predecessors and peers – and he shouts out some of […]

  8. what about the center label variations?, I have a green frame version with white center labels with black print text in their usual ATCQ font?

  9. since 93′ nobody comments about the fact that midnight marauders cover is made in 3d how the book of the magic eye, in fact if you see the faces you can check the shadow behind and if you pay attention the icon girl of atcq appear inside the booklet of the cd

  10. […] »Midnight Marauders« in die Hände bekam, war er frustriert. Sein Porträt hatte es nicht auf das legendäre Cover des dritten Tribe-Albums geschafft. Lonnie war enttäuscht. Newcomer wie The Pharcyde, Souls of […]

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