Posted by: vincentlopez | July 24, 2008

The Source September 1994 issue featuring Tupac


It took countless run-ins with the “just-us” system, a couple of movies and a few hit songs but Tupac finally ended up on the cover of The Source.  He was just 23 years old at the time but was sitting on top of the world.  And he was violence free at the time because he hadn’t been shot in New York yet (that happened in November 1994).  After re-reading the article, I see a person who was young, cocky and just didn’t give a f**k.  With his energy and charisma, he was finally coming into his own.  Unfortunately, I pretty much ignored Tupac musically until Me Against the World dropped in ’95, which happens to be my favorite ‘Pac album.  And, like many others, I didn’t actually buy any of his CD’s until the week he died.  Taking a look at the cover photo makes me wonder if he had any idea that just two years later, he’d be gone.


Some other highlights from this issue:

Left Eye (from TLC) burns down the home of her boyfriend, Andre Rison

Jeru the Damaja with the hip –hop quotable for ‘Mental Stamina’

– Timberland boots become the footwear of choice during the summer

– Microphone Check with Big Mike and Fesu

The Beatnuts return with a full LP

– The DJ’s art of finding the right grooves

– Jeru the Damaja drops science about ‘Da Bichez’


Record Report highlights:

Organized KonfusionStress: The Extinction Agenda (4 mics) – This is easily 4.5 mics.

Gravediggaz6 Feet Deep (3.5 mics)

Nice & SmoothJewel of the Nile (3.5 mics)

FesuWar With No Mercy (4 mics)

MC BreedFunkafied (3.5 mics)

Champ MCGhetto Flava (3 mics)

ArtifactsBetween a Rock and a Hard Place (4 mics)

The LegionTheme + Echo = Krill (2.5 mics)

Ill Al SkratchCreep Wit Me (3.5 mics)

Bone Thugs N HarmonyCreepin’ on ah Come Up (3.5 mics)


September 1994 issue part 1

September 1994 issue part 2






  1. Thanks for psoting all those source magazines

  2. Dope post. Pac is my favorite. It’s about this time I became a fan. I was more into Ice Cube up until about this time when “Me Against The World” came out, then I just started bangin’ Pac all-day, everyday, up until his death.

    Ironically, his death made me not really listen to him as much.

  3. thanks for the post! i totally agree, organized konfusion deserves at least 4.5 mics. at least!

  4. Good posts man, hopefully you will continue to putting more of these magazines. Thanks

  5. Great!I bought this when it came out is there anyway some1 can put the links for it on somewhere other then zsare please?

  6. @nazispic – Check this post for the 1994 re-ups:

  7. hi, can someone reup this issue… ?

  8. The Record Report was being pretty generous that month. Between A Rock and a Hard Place=3.5. 6 Feet Deep=4. Creep Wit’ Me=3, Jewel of the Nile=2.5 <– Those are the ratings those albums should have received.

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