Posted by: vincentlopez | July 23, 2008

Ego Trip: Tupac and Biggie

Flipping through this book (Ego Trip’s Book of Rap Lists) recently, I’ve found a few interesting things here or there that I wanted to post.  First up, I remember when people believed Tupac faked his own death and came up with all kinds of reasons why he was hiding out.  Of course, his mom squashed all that when she said he was cremated but people still think he’s alive today.  Creepy to say the least, especially after seeing his autopsy photo, which I don’t want to post.



Also, I was reading this list of so called forgotten songs featuring Tupac and Biggie rhyming as guests on other artists’ songs.  I can’t say that I’ve heard them all before either.  If anyone has them, please shoot me a link.





Update – Here are a couple of links to some of the Tupac and Biggie tracks courtesy of Krisch:








  1. I absolutely LOVE that book. I remember getting it for Christmas in ’98. I think I’ve read it cover to cover about 4 times. It was like the first hip hop blog.

  2. i know i have all those BIG joints and like 2-3 of those PAC joints. i gotta go through my stash but i know i have them.

    i remember when people was saying PAC wasnt dead, then i replied back and was sayin BIG wasnt dead. that always started arguments. but if ur legend isnt dead, then why should mine be?

    also i seen that autotopsy pic of PAC, im glad u didnt post that. nobody, and i mean nobody wanna PAC like that man. its a very disturbing photo.

  3. also thats a classic photo of PAC, BIG and Puff. i mean that pic speaks volumes!!
    what the hell happened?

  4. Yo, that book is a constant presence in the bathroom. Best bathroom read ever…you learn something new (or relearn something you forgot) each time.

    Tupac lists are pretty good…the sneaker heads were pretty convincing with the Jordan parts.

  5. I’ve been hearing alot about these Ego Trip books over the years and this story here seems pretty interesting.

    I’m going to see if I can find those tracks I recognize a few of them.

  6. Which songs of them do you need? Maybe i got them

  7. @Krisch – Send me whichever ones you have. Thanks

  8. Alright, as far as 2Pac I’m missing the Smooth and Funky Aztects joints, I’m just uploading the other 8 and send you a link, I’ll check tomorrow which of the Biggie tracks I got.

  9. tupac and B.I.G death was a set up, they turned them boys against eachother and Shug knight and P.Diddy had them killed….TRUE!

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