Posted by: vincentlopez | July 15, 2008

Rewind – The Source April 1993 issue

If you’ve been downloading Source magazines posted on this site over the past six months, you’ll notice there have been a few missing.  Thanks to EBay, I’ve been able to find some missing Source mags here and there to complete the collection.  At the very least, every issue from 1993 through 2003 will eventually be posted here.  I’m still missing five issues from 1991 and three issues from 1992 but I have a feeling that eventually I’ll find and post them.


Now, there’s only one reason why I searched for this issue and probably the same reason why it went missing from my dorm room back in college.  The EPMD break up was HUGE!  I mean, after that Hit Squad concert we saw in October 1992 (see, how could it all be over just like that?  Unbeknownst to us, PMD believed he was threatened (?) by Erick, pressed charges and dissolved the group.  But was it really all about the money?  I don’t know if this has ever fully been resolved between them but hopefully they each have good lawyers looking out for them today and I look forward to more good music for years to come.


Some other highlights from this issue:


Whodini become the latest victims of police brutality in NYC (other victims of brutality are also profiled)

Ice Cube with the hip-hop quotable for “It Was a Good Day”

Artifacts as the Unsigned Hype artists

Digable Planets are interviewed and drop their debut album at the right time for hip-hop’s sake

Heavy D comes back with a slightly harder sound

Martin Lawrence is finally on top of the comedy world

– A much younger David Chappelle debuts

– Microphone check with Half Pint, Freestyle Fellowship, and Wreckx-n-Effect 


Record Report highlights:


Apache – Self titled (4 mics)

2PacStrictly for My N.*.*.*.A.Z. (3.5 mics)

TragedySaga of a Hoodlum (3.5 mics)

Mad KapLook Ma Dukes, No Hands (3 mics)

Ali DeeBring it On (3 mics)

Monie LoveIn a Word or 2 (3 mics)

Naughty By Nature19 Naughty III (3.5 mics)


April 1993 issue






  1. Thank you so much for yet another great issue!
    Damn, I have so much catching up to do

  2. thanks again! great to hear that u keep lookin for those missing issues!

  3. Thank you, Vincent!!!

  4. Good copy , thnx a lot

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