Posted by: vincentlopez | July 8, 2008

The Source August 1994 issue

The August 1994 issue of The Source continues with its three-part “10th Summer of Crack” with one of my all time favorite articles: Cocaine’s Certified Public Accountant.  Pablo Escobar’s top money man (turned snitch), Ramon Milian-Rodriguez, is interviewed (in 1989) and puts all the rumors to rest.  I guess all of that Scarface movie stuff was real, huh?  The entire operation was almost flawless but I don’t want to spoil it for you.  I’ll tell you one thing though; this article was so popular amongst my old friends in the ‘business’ that they pretty much demanded I go to Kinko’s and make about 20 copies for them to distribute back in ’94.  And there’s a second part to the article in the September issue. 


Side note:  The worst part of crack’s first decade, to me, wasn’t so much the adults who were addicted.  It was seeing the children born to addicted mothers (crack babies).  It hit home for me when my uncle and his girlfriend (both addicted to crack) had two children (in ’91 and in ’92).  Although they were born underweight and obviously affected by the drugs, they eventually pulled through as they grew older.  But anyone who has ever seen a child born addicted can attest to the fact that it’s beyond sad.  For all the money made, the biased legislation and the lives changed because of drugs, I don’t think that many of those responsible have ever visited a neonatal intensive care unit and seen the real casualties of the drug war.


Some other highlights from this issue:


– Cheo Coker writes the editorial explaining how Masta Killa (one of the two weak links in Wu-Tang) punches him in the face because of a huge misunderstanding

– The business of rappers sampling other rappers

Mad Skillz as the unsigned hype artist

Craig Mack with the hip-hop quotable for “Flava in Ya Ear”

Main Source quietly breaks up again

– Rappers choose their favorite sneakers

– Microphone Check with Ahmad, Terror Fabulous and Da Brat

KRS-One and Fat Joe show off their graffiti skills

– A college student gets 30 years in prison for selling crack


Record Report highlights:


Compton’s Most WantedWe Come Strapped (4 mics)

Jeru the DamajaThe Sun Rises in the East (4 mics)

Above the LawUncle Sam’s Curse (3.5 mics)

Lighter Shade of BrownLayin’ in the Cut (3 mics)

Big MikeSomethin Serious (4 mics)

Sir Mix-a LotChief Boot Knocka (3 mics)


August 1994 issue part 1


August 1994 issue part 2 





  1. Aw man, major, major props for this!!!!

    I got to see the crack epidemic up close, so that July article hit real close to home for me. I can’t wait to finish reading it.

  2. yo vic, thanks a million for all the great work! since i stumbled across your blog i cant stop readin 🙂 i have been searchin 4 old source isses for a minute, and since i am located in germany it makes it even harder…

    i just love to read all these stories of all my favorite artist from the early 90’s. keep up the great job u r doin! i hope other people will contribute as well to fill the gaps of the missing issues. i couldnt believe my eyes yesterday when i saw that issues 2, 3 and 4 of the source (back when it was still a newsletter) were sold on ebay for more than 50 dollars EACH!!! i hope the buyers will at least share their wealth by posting here, 🙂

    thanks again!

  3. Thanks for this issue & great work!

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