Posted by: vincentlopez | June 23, 2008

Philadelphia Drive (Random tracks from the car #10)

Random Tracks #10


Leaders of the New SchoolCase of the P.T.A. – from A Future Without a Past 1991 – How can you not like this song?  These guys had great chemistry together.  Poor Dinco and Charlie.  They must get mad as heck when a Busta song comes on the radio while they’re drying off the cars at the car wash.


BossDeeper – from Born Gangstaz 1993 – Was I the only person who thought Boss could rhyme?  I’ve never seen anyone else with this CD.  Unfortunately, a sexy image sells much better for women than the hardcore gangsta image.


Cali AgentsCali Agents: The Anthem – from How the West Was Won 2000 – The simple piano playing in the background gets me every time.  These guys can really rhyme, too.


LL Cool JThe Boomin’ System (underground mix) – from The Boomin’ System single 1990 – Every single Jeep Cherokee, Ford Bronco and Nissan Pathfinder I saw in 1990 played this version of the song.  It’s easily better than the album version.


QDIII w/Justin WarfieldSeason of the Vic – from Soundlab 1991 – My cousin Allan bought the vinyl album just for this song.  I thought it was Q-Tip rhyming at first.


Lost BoyzJeeps, Lex Coups, Bimaz, & Benz – from Legal Drug Money 1996 – A good song for the car obviously.  This crew never seems to get their due but I never expected them to be super lyrical.  They just like to have a good time.


K-SoloYour Mom’s in my Business – from Tell the World My Name 1990 – K-Solo owes Maze a few more dollars for sampling their hit.  And he owes me a refund for buying both the vinyl and the CD.


Lord Finesse w/Shell Rumble & Harry-OShow Em How We Do Things – from Return of the Funky Man 1992 – I don’t remember how many times I had to replay this over and over in my dorm room but it was popular.  Unfortunately, those other rappers pretty much disappeared.


Deep Rooted w/Planet AsiaAll the Way – from The Second Coming 2006 – What a great song from a really good album.  No silly rhymes here.  Get this if you can.


DJ Cash Money & MarvelousUgly People Be Quiet – from Where’s the Party At? 1988 – This is a great party song from a true crowd rocking DJ.  I can’t believe this is 20 years old.


Showbiz & AGFat Pockets (remix) – from Fat Pockets single 1992 – I swear I couldn’t find this (better) version on cassette single in any store after seeing the video.  I had to wait for somebody to put it on their blog a few years ago.


N-TyceHush Hush Tip – from Hush Hush Tip single 1993 – Why do I get the feeling that Method Man (who’s on the hook) got with N-Tyce on the hush hush tip?  This is like the female version of Naughty’s O.P.P.


Busta Rhymes w/RampageAbandon Ship – from The Coming 1996 – Boring Rampage didn’t even sound bad here.  It must be good to have a famous cousin even if he still carries Busta’s luggage.


DJ Honda w/RedmanDat’s My Word – from DJ Honda 1996 – Reggie Noble we miss you dude.  That Muddy Waters sound abounds here.


EPMDThe Big Payback – from Unfinished Business 1989 – Remember this video?  I was shocked to see them with N.W.A. but they never collaborated like I wanted them, too.


Cam’Ron w/Big Punisher, Charli Baltimore, Silkk the Shocker & WyclefHorse & Carriage (remix) – from Horse & Carriage remix single 1998 – Ten years later, it’s still amusing to hear Charli Baltimore diss Reverend Mase.  And I used to watch Night Court, too.  Good use of the sample.






  1. Great compilation!

  2. I was just commenting on the other day that “Abandon Ship” is still one of the top 5 best Busta Rhymes songs of all time. It’s so good that the worst weird carrier of all time, Rampage, can’t even ruin it (and he tries hard with that WACK ASS rhyme about Marvin Gaye). It must be good to be Busta’s cousin.

  3. Big Payback was the perfect complement to So Watcha Sayin to make Unfinished Business the perfect late 80s album. Good stuff brah.

  4. Thanks homie, some good tuneS up in here!!!

    STaY BLeSS`n…

  5. Wow, I’m glad someone outside of SD knows about Deep Rooted. I just got put onto them recently. Great to see SD gettin it

  6. Great list but I would have added Nas to it.

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