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Philadelphia Drive (Random tracks from the car #9)


Random Tracks #9


Top QualityMagnum Opus – from Magnum Opus 1994 – I think this guy was PMD’s pet project after he split with Erick Sermon.  He isn’t the worst rapper and this song is fairly entertaining with the horns in the track.


KRS-One w/Vigilante, Buckshot, Cam’Ron, Keith Murray, Run, Prodigy, Killah Priest, Redman, and Truck Turner5 Boroughs – from The Corruptor OST 1999 – KRS was really going for your throat with this track featuring 9 other MC’s.  No one really overpowers the track and it blends well.  Run was showing the youngsters that even he can update his style 15 years after his first album dropped.


Jay-Z and Kno (from Cunninlynguists) What More Can I Say – from Kno vs. Hov: The White Albulum 2004 – A Jay-Z song playing in my car?  I know that’s hard for some to believe.  But one of my three favorite producers right now, Kno, transformed a song and album (The Black Album) I personally thought were horrible into something I could listen to.  Well, at least the 6 remixed songs that I ended up liking, which is a big step up from the original 2.  I would never have thought this possible but I actually, gasp, ‘felt’ it this time.  And then that dude, Small Professor, winds up remixing Jay again and saving him from his latest gaffe of an album (American ‘Wankster’).  Kno and Small Professor need to be his only producers on the next 3 albums.


Scarface w/Jay-Z and Beanie SigelGuess Who’s Back – from The Fix 2002 – If it wasn’t for Face, you know I wouldn’t like this song.  But it’s playful and the beat knocks while driving on a sunny day.


Grand Daddy I.U.Mass Destruction – from Smooth Assasin 1990 – Man, I love this song.  The beat (sampled from Bob James, I think) is incredible.  Biz did some great production work here and I wonder why they never followed it up.


RaekwonSneakers – from Immobilarity 1999 – Probably the best song on that album.  This song reminds me of the time when I first saw this guy named Michael Anderson at school wearing his new Ewing Adidas and how he showed off like an a** all day talking about how his mom paid $55.00 for them, which is like paying $250.00 today.  Oh yeah, why the heck does my girlfriend call sneakers ‘tennis shoes’ even if they’re made for basketball?  Is that a southern thing?


State Property w/Ol’ Dirty BastardWhen You Hear That – from State Property Presents The Chain Gang Vol. II 2003 – Hearing ODB again makes me wonder what could have been.  This song basically jacks Cool C’s “Juice Crew Diss” beat.  I wonder if he’s allowed to get a check from Roc-A-Fella while he sits on death row.


Wu Tang Clan w/NasLet My N****s Live – from The W 2000 – I love the sinister groove of this song.  Definitely sounds great in the car.


DevinBoo Boo’n – from The Dude 1998 – Devin is a rhyming comedian with tiny messages in his songs.  He manages to entertain and remain himself, which is difficult in the industry.


OutkastCrumblin’ Erb – from Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik 1994 – I think I bought this at the end of ’94 after buying everything else I wanted and immediately liked this song.  The after effects of Illmatic and their unflattering voices soured me on the entire album for a while but eventually it grew on me.


TupacDefinition of a Thug N***a – from Poetic Justice OST 1993 – This was my favorite Tupac song for a long, long time and it still sounds great.


Kidz in the Hall w/Sean Price and BuckshotThe Pledge – from The In Crowd 2008 – I like the spring/summer feel of this song.  Sounds like they had a good time recording it.


Audio TwoTop Billin’ – from What More Can I Say? 1988 – If you don’t know this by now…  One of the best singles from one the best years in hip-hop comes from one of the worst albums that year.  Remember buying entire albums just for one song?


GangstarrNatural – from Spin This (Spin Magazine compilation) 2001 – Good old Primo.  I still don’t believe that they’ve broken up.  How can that be?  They’re due for a new album this year.  Someone give me the real story please.


Black RobJasmine – from Life Story 2000 – a good combination of the steel drums, the story, and the raspy voice.  Where is he now?  Is he locked up?


Mary J BligeEveryday it Rains – from The Show OST 1995 – I don’t know about you but pre-2000 Mary J Blige > post-2000 Mary J Blige.  She might have been on coke back then but everything she did was golden to me.  This is a good song and I can just hear Biggie coming right in with a rhyme.








  1. KRS-One w/Vigilante, Buckshot, Cam’Ron, Keith Murray, Run, Prodigy, Killah Priest, Redman, and Truck Turner – 5 Boroughs
    Never understood how Keith Murray (from Long Island) and Redman (from Newark, NJ) got on the song, but I can’t complain about anything Keith Murray did in te 90s and Redman’s in my top 10 so they all make the song hot. Prodigy was in his pre-Infamy stage where all his rhymes were worth listening to at that point. I was into everything with Buckshot during that time up until he dropped that BDI Thug album (only Boot Camp album I hate). Cam’ron had the worst verse on the whole f**kin song.

    Scarface w/Jay-Z and Beanie Sigel – Guess Who’s Back Never understood how that album got 5 mics (it was a 4 to me but if Blueprint got it, then it’s all fair). I always liked Last of a Dying Breed better and it had the better Face/Jigga collab “Get Out”.

    Jay-Z and Kno (from Cunninlynguists) – What More Can I Say I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels the same about that album.

    Raekwon – Sneakers – from Immobilarity 1999 No doubt the best song on that album (thanks to Pete Rock) that had at most 5 songs that were any good. I can’t believe people complain about Nas and his follow ups to Illmatic when Rae hasn’t even made a good album since OB4CL. I’m not holding my breath for the new album (whenever he drops it) to be hot.

  2. @John – Last of a Dying Breed is much better than The Fix. It was definitely a ‘fix’ giving that album 5 mics. How many people can name at least 3 songs on that album today?

  3. ^^^Me!!!

    I take great pride in sitting with my boys in August ’02 listening to the album before it came out and saying : “This deserves 5 Mics.” The next month, with Murder Inc. on the cover…what do I see in the Record Report??? Yep.

    The Fix is classic for a number of reasons. Kanye gets heralded for his work on The Blueprint but he laced The Fix with 3 joints that helped Face get his words out more clearer. Last Of A Dying Breed is that definitive “Scarface” record but The Fix is definitve on the Hip-Hop scale as a whole. “Someday” was before “Jesus Walks” and more potent. The 2nd verse on “In Cold Blood” is his most vivid/detailed narrative of the drug game he’s ever spit on ANY of his albums, the soul in joints like “What Can I Do” and “Bring Me Down” just can’t be denied, and “I Ain’t The One” is just Brad Jordan being himself. That album’s flawless.

  4. Black Rob’s Doin’ 7 On A Larceny Charge.

    Its A Shame, Duke Is Definitely A Great Story Teller.

    P.S. Shows How Shabby Diddy Is, Worth Millions And His Man’s Doin That Poor He Has To Rob A TV And Jewelery From A Hotel Room

  5. Black Rob – Jasmine

    this is one of my top five most underated songs of the last decade. This song is GREAT!

    glad to see someone else likes it.

  6. Oh yeah:

    “Sneakers” definitely the best and probably ONLY good song on that album.

    “Let My N***** Live” is one of those joints that you can’t just play once. A couple spins before you can move on. The W is a disappointment and slept-on album all in the same sentence. Madness.

  7. Co-sign TC on “Let my N***** Live” There’s nothing better than doing office work (spread sheets, scanning documents, removing staples) and hearing that song come on my Windows Media Player.

  8. Oh, I must’ve missed that “Jasmine.” Definitely an ill story. Life Story is a member of the rare 4.5 Mic club.

  9. Scarface-Guess Who’s Back: Classic. 5/5
    Wu-Tang Clan-Let My N***** Live: Classic. 5/5
    Outkast-Crumblin Erb: Classic. 5/5

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