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Rewind – The Source October 1992 issue featuring DJ Quik


They say our tastes change as we get older and sleep is the cousin of death.  Well, pardon me for sleeping and getting older.  I could have never envisioned writing anything about DJ Quik back in ’91/’92.  I knew him only as a picture on an album cover with a perm of all things.  That was it.  His voice irritated me and since I was heavily into Gangstarr, BDP, A Tribe Called Quest, L.O.N.S., De La Soul, Naughty By Nature, etc. in ’91/’92, there was no way I was going to listen to his albums.  I can honestly say that my early east coast bias played a part in it as well.  Strangely, I have never seen a physical copy of one of his albums outside of a record store and I’ve never known any person that bought one of his albums.  So there was pretty much no chance I would hear him before the internet rolled around.  Since about 1995, I’ve been meaning to listen to one of his albums because I had heard about his production skills.  But I never got around to it until I decided to purchase the October 1992 issue of The Source back in April from Ebay.  Most of my old school die hard hip-hop heads will never understand how/why I decided to listen to DJ Quik.  But like I mentioned before, tastes change as we get older.  There was a time when I ate raisins as a child but nowadays you couldn’t get me near a raisin.  That goes vice versa for bananas and mangos, which I now eat like crazy.  Anyway, I just wanted to mention that Quik really does have some serious production talent.  Ignoring the lyrical content, I’m surprised he hasn’t produced more R&B songs for people like Mary J Blige, Prince, R. Kelly, Common, or even Roy Hargrove by now (maybe he has).  The three “Quik’s Groove” songs, on the first three albums, could easily be played on a smooth jazz station.  He’s truly versatile as a producer.  Even though I slept on listening to his music for 17 years, listening to his first five albums over the past month or so is like listening to brand new music today.  Make sure you take some time to listen to Quik today.


Some other highlights from this issue:


CL Smooth writes a letter to The Source

– The bootlegging of vinyl

B-Real (from Cypress Hill) with the hip-hop quotable for “Real Estate”

Large Professor decided to leave those two DJ’s

Dave Chappelle drops by for a comedy break in his early days

– The Hughes brothers get ready to film Menace II Society with Tupac and MC RenHad they pulled that off, it would have been something special.

– Microphone Check with Doug E Fresh, House of Pain, and Willie D

Grand Puba goes for self


Record Report highlights:


Chubb RockI Gotta Get Mine Yo (3.5 mics)

Common SenseCan I Borrow a Dollar? (3.5 mics)

Willie DGoing Out Lika Soldier (2.5 mics)

Double XX PossePut Ya Boots On (3.5 mics)

Bushwick BillLittle Big Man (2.5 mics)



October 1992 issue


RE-UP 01/21/09



DJ Quik – Quik is the Name

DJ Quik – Way 2 Fonky

DJ Quik – Safe and Sound





  1. Growing up in LA but always into the east coast sh*t, I never really cared very much for Quick. He was as played out as that perm. However, I too have grown to appreciate him more as I’ve aged. He still doesn’t do it for me as a rapper but he was a pretty great producer in his own right.

  2. ^^^It’s Quik with Q-U-I-K/with no C/cuz that couldn’t be him (me)

  3. Thanks Vincent! My fav Quik track has to be Sweet Black P***y! Love the video too..

  4. LOL @ no love being shown for Willie D & Bushwick Bill’s albums. Were their solo albums that bad (2.5 mics)? I’ve only brought the group albums from the Geto Boys and Scarface and Big Mike’s solos.

  5. Don’t know if it’s in the link or not but here’s the “cassette only” bonus track for Safe & Sound


  6. Hey Vincent!!
    Thanx for the October issue. It’s alladat in a bag of chips!!! Peace!

  7. Quik Is The Sh*t! Dollaz+ Sense Is One Of The Greatest Diss Tracks, Period.!

    And Production Skills! Dude Is Mo’ Technically Sound Than Dre.

    Check Mausberg’s (RIP) Album For Quik At His best On The Boards, And A Great MC Taken before His Time

  8. Damn, Quik only gets semi-love out here lol… I hold him in the same regards as Ice Cube and 2pac… He’s THAT good.

    Quik isn’t just a rapper.. he’s a musician.. like if all care about is a hot 16, you’re cheating yourself out of what this dude can (and has) offered.

    He’s one of those guys who can make a banger with Talib Kweli, yet can still hop in the studio with Celine Dion or Elton John and make it happen (no homo).

  9. Willie D – 2.5 mics????/ God damn shame!!!!

  10. Can somebody hook me up with re-up of this and June ’91 issue?

  11. @ can – Check out this link:

  12. Ain’t those two NOT on the list?

  13. @can – Here’s the June 1991 issue:

    I can’t find the Quik issue right now. Hit me up later at vincentlopez @ hotmail dot com to remind me to find it.

  14. Thanks. Did you found the other one?

  15. @can – I re-upped it in the post for you. Just look up.

  16. Doh!
    Thank you.

  17. Hey, Vincent, could you upload Source February or march ’96? Thanks anyway!

  18. Hey, Vincent, could you post february or march issue (1996) if you have it? Thanks anyway!

  19. @psycho – The February ’96 issue is on the way in a day or two.

  20. Thank you!!!!!!! Like Black Moon said-U DA MAN!!!

  21. […] Blog, der alle Ausgaben der Source nach und nach verfügbar macht. Gute Sache, die Oktober-Ausgabe von 1992 war es also.  Und tatsächlich, nur 2.5 von 5 Mics, und dazu ein paar wenig herzliche Worte des […]

    • Just in case you’re wondering what that is all about: when I wrote this review about Bushwick Bills Debut I remembered that The Source didn’t like it very much, so I searched around, found the issue here and yes, I was right. This is a great blog you have here, and I recommended it to my readers. Back in the days you couldn’t get an issue for a reasonable price here in Germany , so I’m gonna be a regular visitor from now on! Peace.

      • @sobchak – I was wondering about that but when I saw your page, I couldn’t read it. Are you a Bushwick Bill fan?

  22. That’s right, and I liked his first album best. I write reviews about randomly selected albums from my collection, just for fun. By the way, the first two sentences on your “about”-page apply to me exactly, except that I’m from Berlin, not Philadelphia.

    • @sobchak – Maybe we’re long lost brothers! hahaha

      By the way. I just noticed that there’s an Englich version of your site. I was finally able to read a few things.

      • haha yeah maybe!

        the english site doesn’t get updated as frequently as the other one, but I hope that’ll change soon.

  23. Please reup that dj quik issue!!! PLEEEEASE 🙂

  24. […] Blog, der alle Ausgaben der Source nach und nach verfügbar macht. Gute Sache, die Oktober-Ausgabe von 1992 war es also.  Und tatsächlich, nur 2.5 von 5 Mics, und dazu ein paar wenig herzliche Worte des […]

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