Posted by: vincentlopez | June 1, 2008

Random Thoughts

Weather wise, June has always been my favorite month of the year (in Philly).  It’s warm, sunny, breezy and it makes me want to get outside and enjoy the weather with my son.  Unfortunately, this means I’ll be scanning magazines at a slower rate so as always, be patient people.  Today, we ran around like crazy flying a kite and riding bikes before I went off to get that $4.00 per gallon gas.  I couldn’t imagine having a large SUV these days.  Some lady at my job almost cried in front of me explaining how she ran out of money at the gas pump because it cost $100 to almost fill up the tank.  She had to call her husband to bring his debit card to the station to pay the balance.  Has it really gotten to this?  Anyway, after we came back from getting gas, I decided to organize some things in my basement and take a few pics.



First up is my son trying to give his best Onyx imitation while holding the next issue of The Source that I’ll be scanning.  Notice how he’s clutching that Spiderman action figure.  He can’t get enough of those superhero action figures and they go everywhere we go.  He even reads comic books and he can’t really read yet but he sounds out the words.  Reading really is fundamental.



Next up, I was re-reading the three part Reginald Dennis Source story @ a few days ago (I hope you’ve read it by now) and it got me to thinking about how Benzino pretty much destroyed the integrity (and financial standing) of the magazine, which was one of the main reasons I stopped reading it in 2003.  So as I was organizing those piles of magazines, I stumbled upon one of the straws that broke the camel’s back so to speak.  I have no idea why I was shipped this cover out of the four they shot for this issue but it was obviously an omen for me.  This clown puts himself on the cover of the magazine he ‘co-owns’ pretending to be a real artist.  What a low point in their history.





 Third, I stumbled upon a dope (pun intended)web site the other day ( that old people like me really appreciate.  I read a post about “cassingles” from back in the day and it made me want to go through the tons of cassettes I have in my basement.  Here’s a pic of the cassettes that were right on top of the pile in the box:




Last, I was also organizing my vinyl and I took a pic of the ones that were on top of that pile as well.  Notice the blue Reality Records 12 inch of Doug E Fresh and Slick Rick’s “The Show” and “La Di Da Di”.  I jacked that record and a few others from my uncle back in the late 80’s.  He was a crackhead at the time and since he stole all of my priceless comic books, I figured I would take all of his vinyl before he could sell it.  But he sold all of the Sugar Hill vinyl before I could get it.  I ended up with some good stuff though.  The rest of those records in the pic I bought at a record store for discount prices.  I really miss those days.








  1. So I take it you don’t like the lead review in the Benzino issue either? :-p

    Word up to that editorial pic too!

  2. I’m sure you know my answer to that question.

  3. Love the warning against punk ass emcees on Rassy’s sampler.
    Thanks for these, Vince.

  4. Last night was the perfect evening in June–cool, breezy, low humidity. I hope the rest of this month in the 215 isn’t a cooker.

    I always loved that Just Ice cover for “Cool and Deadly” because he clearly didn’t care that he had the worst teeth in hip hop.

  5. Awesome pic of the little man… and thanks for the comments on my page. I’ll definitely be coming back to THIMK.

    That Source cover makes me cringe too.

    You need to read my man Rusty’s blog — the two of you would appreciate each other’s knowledge.

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