Posted by: vincentlopez | May 28, 2008

The Source June 1994 issue


I didn’t buy this magazine for the cover story by any means.  What caught my eye was the article on ‘Old School Arcade Games’.  I had a monstrous addiction to video games as a youngster.  From ’79 to ’90, you couldn’t separate me from video games and pinball.  From Asteroids to Punchout to Donkey Kong to Mario Brothers to Ring King to 1942 to Gauntlet, I was a fiend like Rakim.  I started working at the supermarket bagging groceries at 6 years old to feed my addiction.  And when the supermarket was having a slow day, I stole money from my mom or anyone else with a purse, coin jar, piggy bank or wallet.  I can’t tell you how many times my mom whupped (not whipped) my a** for stealing.  It got so crazy that one day she violently grabbed me by the arm and showed me her empty purse to make me feel bad.  I would take $10 rolls of quarters from her and run to the arcade to play as many games as I could before coming back home.  Fortunately, as I got into my teens, I found better paying jobs that allowed me to buy hip-hop albums and waste money in the arcade without stealing.  I still see this same addiction among my younger cousins and nephews but fortunately, they have Xbox 360’s and PS3’s to feed it unlike the cheap Atari 2600 and Colecovision that I broke.  Even Will Smith (Fresh Prince) had the same addiction: and you probably did/do too.


Some other highlights from this issue:


K.M.D.’s Black Bastards album gets shelved due to controversy

– Check out that graffiti pic from Hawaii with one spray pain can killing the other

Buckshot with the hip-hop quotable for “Crooklyn”

– Cross Colours goes from black to red

– Microphone Check with Outkast, Freddie Foxxx and M.O.P.

– C. Delores Tucker takes on ‘gangsta’ rap while MC Eiht, Scarface and Spice 1 defend it


Record Report highlights:


Heavy DNuttin But Love (4 mics)

The Beatnuts – Self titled (3.5 mics)

South Central Cartel‘N Gatz We Truss (3 mics)

Freddie FoxxxCrazy Like a Foxxx (3 mics)

Kool G Rap & DJ PoloKiller Kuts (4.5 mics)


June 1994 issue part 1


June 1994 issue part 2






  1. Outkast for Microphone Check. Man was the beginning of something special. I don’t think anyone had any idea.

    Killer Kuts 4.5 Mics???!? I just listened to that a few weeks back. The Source was really good at covering all aspects of the game, but there’s a prime example of that “East Coast bias” that readers outside the East used to complain about.

  2. I had the portable Donkey Kong you know it looked like a mini of the arcade style. Anyway, I had so much fun with that game. I took it to school and one of my friends beat it (or as we called it back then “turned it over”).

    Then my little sisters and brother got a hold of it and tore it up, I was so pissed.

  3. dope a** blog

    apreciate it that you put al the effort in it

    Ill be back

  4. @mz510 – I had that same portable mini Donkey Kong and the portable Pac Man. Of course, my friends and I tore them up in just a few weeks. My mom was pissed because they were like $45 each back then, which is like buying a fully loaded PS3 today.

  5. Great blog holla at me for links exchange

  6. this was around the time i first started becoming a serious fan of rap, what a great year for hip-hop!

  7. Do you know exactly where i can find a cheap ps3, im on a budget and my daughter bday is next month.

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