Posted by: vincentlopez | May 20, 2008

The Source May 1994 issue

 I’m too tired to write a lot today due to this crappy weather and I didn’t want to hold up this issue for the hungry readers so enjoy.


Some highlights from this issue:


– Responses to the March ’94 Miami issue are hilarious (Editorial and letters)

– My favorite mixtape DJ, Doo Wop, gets a brief feature – I’ll be posting some of his mid 90’s mixtapes one of these days.

Nas with the hip-hop quotable for “Life’s a B***h”

– Microphone Check with Shyheim, Mac Mall, Schoolly D and E-40

– DJ’s from the Bay Area bring back the artform

– Whatever happened to rappers who can freestyle?

– A discussion about the ‘N’ word – Nas should be reading this article.


Record Report highlights:


GangstarrHard to Earn (4 mics)

M.O.P.To the Death (3.5 mics)

Hard 2 ObtainIsm and Blues (3 mics)

Treacherous ThreeOld School Flava (3 mics)

Dred ScottBreakin’ Combs (3 mics)




May 1994 issue part 1


May 1994 issue part 2




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