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Philadelphia Drive (Random tracks from the car #8)


Random Tracks #8


I made a little disc for the car with a bunch of ‘posse cuts’.  Here’s a few for you:


Marley Marl w/Master Ace, Craig G, Kool G Rap, and Big Daddy KaneThe Symphony – from In Control Volume 1 1988 – I hope I don’t have to tell anyone about this song.  It’s still the standard in ‘posse cuts’ IMO.


Run-DMC w/Pete Rock & CL SmoothDown With the King – from Down With the King 1993 – This was a great way for them to come back in ’93.  The videos still gives me chills.


The Crooklyn Dodgers (Masta Ace, Special Ed, & Buckshot)Crooklyn – from Crooklyn OST 1994 – I remember buying the soundtrack for this song and then seeing the maxi-single cassette on sale later.  I was heated.


Kool G Rap w/Large Professor, Freddie Foxxx & Ant LiveMoney in the Bank – from Wanted: Dead or Alive 1990 – Before working with Nas and those two DJ’s from Canada, Large Professor worked with G Rap.  Why the heck did they let the bodyguard rhyme on this song?  He stinks.  Other than that, this entire album is severely underrated.  Burn/buy it asap.


Ahmad, Rass Kass & SaafirCome Widdit (remix) – from Street Fighter OST 1994 – I absolutely love the way this was remixed.  Unfortunately, Saafir still sounds awful.


Heavy D w/Big Daddy Kane, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Grand Puba, Kool G Rap & Q-TipDon’t Curse – from Peaceful Journey 1991 – Another CD I bought for just one song.  I heard some guys on the bus discussing this song and then I read a little snippet in The Source about it, which prompted me to get it.  I think it should be redone with some of today’s artists.


EPMD w/K-Solo & RedmanHeadbanger – from Business Never Personal 1992 – Redman tore through this song.  That’s all I need to say.


Special Ed w/Little Shawn, Akshun, 40 Love and Coolie Man5 Men & a Mic – from Legal 1990 – Not a great song but a fun one.  This was back at  a time when artists would actually record in a studio with friends and family and not just put their weed carriers on the track.


Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek w/ Rah Digga & XzibitDown for the Count – from Reflection Eternal 2000 – I didn’t expect this song to sound the way it does but it works for me.  I’ve always liked Rah Digga’s no nonsense rhyme style and unique voice.


Illegal w/Lord Finesse and AGOn Da M.I.C. – from The Untold Truth 1993 – From one of the two best produced kiddie rap albums ever.  I love this song.


Tupac w/Boot Camp ClikMilitary Minds – from One Nation 1996 (unreleased) – This song seems kind of rough around the edges just like the guys on it.  Too bad they never finished it or remixed it.


Main Source w/Nas, Fatal & AkinyeleLive at the Barbeque – from Breaking Atoms 1991 – I was shocked as heck when I first heard Nas’ verse on this.


Gangstarr w/ Jeru that Damaja & Lil DapSpeak Ya Clout – from Hard to Earn 1994 – I remember this guy in my dorm drove to Philly and back without telling anyone so that he could be the first to blast this CD (specifically this song) from his dorm room.  Primo should have told Lil Dap to pick up some egg rolls from the take out restaurant while they were recording.


M.O.P. w/Busta Rhymes, Remy Martin and TeflonAnte Up (remix) – from Ante Up (remix) single 2001 – If this song doesn’t get you amped up, then you must be dead or into country music.  That’s actually the same thing.


Three Times Dope w/Cool CCrushin n’ Bussin (remix) – from Original Stylin’ 1988 – You know I had to sneak a Philly song on here.  I like the original version more but I only have it on tape so I had to settle for this.  Hearing Cool C on here makes me think about him losing his death row appeals. 


Stop the Violence Movement (Boogie Down Productions, Public Enemy, Stetsasonic, Doug E Fresh, Just-Ice, Kool Moe Dee, MC Lyte & Heavy D)Self Destruction – from Self Destruction single 1989 – This song was extremely important when it came out because of the high murder rate from the crack wars.  I’m not sure if it helped but they tried.


The D.O.C. w/N.W.A.The Grand Finale – from No One Can Do it Better 1989 – I didn’t think The D.O.C. could outdo Ice Cube and Ren but he did.  I hope he’s still ghostwriting.


Black Star w/Jane Doe, Punchline & WordsworthTwice Inna Lifetime – from Mos Def and Talib Kweli are Black Star 1998 – What the heck happened to Jane Doe?  She really is anonymous now.


A Tribe Called Quest w/Leaders of the New SchoolScenario – from The Low End Theory 1991 – Another great video that was played over and over back in school.  I wonder if Charlie Brown watches old videos on YouTube and sheds a tear.


Dr. Dre w/Snoop Dogg, Rage, Bushwick Bill, Kurupt and RBXStranded on Death Row – from The Chronic 1992 – Even though this album isn’t a classic to me, this song is fire.  Rage kills it.  And RBX had a great recording voice.  Whatever happened to him?  Did he steal some records from Dre?  He would be a perfect voice actor for those movie coming attractions.  Especially for those superhero/action movies.


Fat Joe w/Big Punisher, Nas, Raekwon and JadakissJohn Blaze – from Don Cartagena 1998 – Fat Joe is the weak link on here but Big Pun literally takes the weight.  His verse still sounds good today.


LL Cool J w/ Prodigy, Fat Joe, Foxy Brown & Keith MurrayI Shot Ya (remix) – from Mr. Smith 1995 – Why does LL sound like he never records in the studio with other artists?


Flavor Unit MC’s (Queen Latifah, Naughty By Nature, Kid Capri, Heavy D, Fu-shnickens, Bigga Sistas, Freddie Foxx, D-Nice, & Black Sheep)Roll Wit Tha Flava – from Roll Wit Tha Flava 1993 – Queen Latifah must have called everyone on her Rolodex to get on this song and these people showed up at the studio.  I still love how Dres literally pulls out 9’s in the video like it’s a Sesame Street segment.


Masta Ace w/Uneek, Lord Digga, & EyseSaturday Nite Live – from Slaughtahouse 1993 – This beat can kill your speakers.  I know from experience.


Ice Cube w/Threat, Kam, WC, Coolio, King Tee & J-DeeColor Blind – from Death Certificate 1991 – King Tee and Kam made this song good to me.


EPMD w/Redman, Method Man & Lady LuckSymphony 2000 – from Out of Business 1999 – A weird beat with strings but it works.  Too bad Lady Luck didn’t get the shine she desperately needed.  I remember Remy Martin destroying her in a freestyle battle.


Pharoahe Monch w/Busta Rhymes, Method Man, Redman, Lady Luck & Shabam SahdeeqSimon Says (remix) – from Internal Affairs 1999 – There was no way Rawkus could lose getting all of these people on the remix.  Unfortunately, they were sued by the folks that owned the Godzilla trademark.  I think that’s what caused Monch’s depression.


MC Serch w/Red Hot Lover Tone, Chubb Rock and Nasty NasBack to the Grill – from Return of the Product 1992 – Out of these four guys, who turned out to be the least successful?  And why?


Mobb Deep w/ Nas and RaekwonEye for a Eye – from The Infamous 1995 – Back in ’95, I rewound the tape over and over in my car to hear Nas’ verse.  It’s very visual with the ‘shoot at the clouds, feel like the holy beat is watching us’ part.


Part 1


Part 2






  1. “The Crooklyn Dodgers (Masta Ace, Special Ed, & Buckshot) – Crooklyn – from Crooklyn OST 1994 – I remember buying the soundtrack for this song and then seeing the maxi-single cassette on sale later. I was heated”

    I bought the single and was elated. I remember buying the cassette single for “Crooklyn Dodgers” and the Eazy-E single from “Beverly Hills Cop III” the same day ’cause they were featured on a split full page ad in the Source.

    Obviously, the Eazy-E single was the only highlight of “Beverly Hills Cop III,” quite possibly the most unfunny movie I’ve ever watched.

  2. Great post!

  3. Marley Marl-The Symphony: Classic. 5/5
    Kool G Rap and DJ Polo-Money In the Bank: Classic. 5/5
    Talib Kweli-Down For the Count: Classic. 5/5
    Main Source-Live At the Barbeque: Classic. 5/5
    Gang Starr-Speak Ya Clout: Classic. 5/5
    M.O.P-Ante Up: Classic. 5/5
    A Tribe Called Quest-Scenario: Classic. 5/5
    Black Star-Twice Inna Lifetime: Classic. 5/5
    Dr Dre-Stranded On Death Row: Classic. 5/5
    Fat Joe-John Blaze: Classic. 5/5
    LL Cool J-I Shot Ya: Classic. 5/5
    Masta Ace-Saturday Nite Live: Classic. 5/5
    Pharoahe Monch-Simon Says: Classic. 5/5
    Mobb Deep-Eye For a Eye: Classic. 5/5

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