Posted by: vincentlopez | May 13, 2008

I’m Running Out of Space!

I realized over the past weekend that I’m running out of space on my hard drive.  It’s a 500GB external hard drive and I’ve steadily been burning my old CD’s and saving them there over the past two years.  But my time is running out.  I have a lot of CD’s (mostly jazz and hip-hop) and they’ve already consumed most of the space.  I figure that I have about a month before I completely fill the hard drive.  What do you do to save your music?  Should I just buy a larger external hard drive (1 TB)?  Let me know ASAP.  Thanks





  1. My 500 GB broke like a month ago. So I literally jetted to Best Buy to get a TB (which is actually cheaper than the 500 when you first got it). You’ll marvel @ the space and since you still have an operational 500, you can seperate the two to meet your criteria.

    Make sure you don’t have any duplicate files also…

  2. Pick up a Western Digital My Book 1TB.

  3. Definitely buy a bigger one and just keep this one

  4. I’m a cheapo I have a drive about a third the size of yours so non-essential stuff I burn onto data disc you can get about 700mb on a cd-r (that’s about 10 albums).

    If you have a dvd-r that’s even better I’ve been told you can get a lil over a gig.

  5. Take advantage Vince.

  6. I have the same problem I NEED MORE SPACE

    i just found thid blog is very good..leanring abit more about 80’s music i did not i know a stupid amount about hip hop

    sucks that none of the zshare links are not working right now..i wanted to read that apil issue of the source…


  7. sorry wrote that way to quick…so many spelling mistakes lol

  8. @gordon – all issues of the Source have been reupped in megaupload. use the search function.

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