Posted by: vincentlopez | May 12, 2008

The Infamous Source March 1994 Miami issue

How many people expected this in 1994?  Every hip-hop junkie I knew went cold turkey for a month when this issue came out.  Not one person, even the people with subscriptions, admitted to owning this.  I saw it torn to shreds and stomped on by a friend.  What made The Source staff put out this issue in 1994 of all years?  We’ll never know.  But someone out there enjoyed this issue.  My view of Florida hip-hop back in 1994 is the same view that I have today.  I haven’t heard anything really good yet.  Luke and The 2 Live Crew were a guilty pleasure in high school (80’s) but not to be taken seriously or lyrically by any means.  The one interesting interview in this issue (IMO) was with DJ Magic Mike.  About two or three years before this issue, I was well aware of his business acumen and his determination to stick with the ‘Bass’ formula to get paid.  He reminds me of Too Short in that sense.  There’s enough money regionally for them to stay paid and be true to their audience so why try to cross over?  I respect those guys even though I dislike their music.  Anyway, I won’t waste another minute on this issue at all.  Read it at your own risk.


March 1994 issue part 1 


March 1994 issue part 2 







  1. By no means am I a Luke fan (or any Flo Rida music) but this showed how The Source was ahead of their time, covering the top aspects of each region. The only Source cover that I don’t agree with is Ashanti ’03…which ironically is one of their top sellers

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