Posted by: vincentlopez | May 3, 2008

Philadelphia Drive (Random tracks from the car #5)


Random tracks #5


Ol’ Dirty BastardShimmy Shimmy Ya – from Return to the 36 Chambers (The Dirty Version) 1995 – Don’t you just miss ODB today?


DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh PrinceSummertime – from Homebase 1991 – An otherwise less than stellar album was saved by this one single.  It encompassed our summers here in Philly perfectly.


Craig Mack w/ Biggie, Rampage, LL Cool J & Busta Rhymes – from Flava in Ya Ear (remix) – from Flava in Ya Ear (remix) single 1994 – Remember the video?  I didn’t like LL on here at first but the weirdness grew on me.  And Busta should have left Rampage at home that day to play with his cats.


Method Man & RedmanHow High (remix) – from How High single 1995 – I think I heard this on the radio and drove straight to the store to get the cassette single.  I knew they would make an album together after hearing this.


Eric B. and RakimI Know You Got Soul – from Paid in Full 1987 – If you haven’t heard this before, can you consider yourself a true fan of hip-hop?


The FugeesZealots – from The Score 1996 – I thought this song was funny with weak, no skills Pras dissing Jeru.  Good thing Lauryn helped him get some money in his pockets before he disappeared.


De La Soul w/RedmanOooh – from Art Official Intelligence: Mosaic Thump 2000 – De La took their time coming back with their AOI concept album.  This was a good single, too, but I don’t remember it creating a huge buzz.  Pharoahe Monch pops up on a skit at the end to rip it in a simulated cipher.


Kanye West, Nas, KRS-One & NasClassic (Better Than I’ve Ever Been) – from Classic (Better Than I’ve Ever Been single 2007 – Nike gives hip-hop (and its Air Force 1’s) some exposure.  Imagine if more huge corporations allowed artists to create good songs like this without it being an outright advertisement for a product.


MC LyteThrowin’ Words at U – from Eyes On This 1989 – Lyte tears it up.  We need more ladies in hip-hop that can rip it instead of just stripping.


NineWutcha Want? – from Nine Lives 1995 – It took me ten plus years to get over his cartoon voice.  I can stomach it over this beat, though.


Three Times DopeStraight Up – from Original Stylin’ 1988 – Lyrics, originality, and having fun combined to create a classic song and album in ’88.  A crazy beat, too, but it works.  EST was a true MC. 


CommonThe 6th Sense – from Like Water for Chocolate 2000 – Primo brought out the best in Common on this song.  They should have made more songs together.  Common seemed upset, too, but Primo really helped him channel the rage into a message.


Tupac (Makaveli) – Hold Ya Headfrom The Don Killuminati (The 7 Day Theory) 1996 It seemed like he never died after hearing this.  I guess that’s why so many people thought he was still alive.  This song really speaks to me since I’ve had/currently have many friends and family members locked down.  Take the time to send a kite or visit if you can.


50 CentRowdy Rowdy (Khrysis remix) – from The Hall of Justus Mixtape: The Singles File 2003 – No one on Earth would think that I like a song with 50 Cent on it since he’s pretty much an arrogant idiot.  But I actually like three of his songs.  This one was a surprise on the mix CD and it’s really the beat that makes me like the song.  The original doesn’t do it for me.


AhmadBack in the Day (remix) – from Ahmad 1994 – Another good song to play when you’re outside in the summer with the guys at a barbecue and tossing the football around or playing spades or dominoes.  What happened to Ahmad anyway?


B.G.Cash Money is an Army – from Chopper City In The Ghetto 1999 – Out of every artist in New Orleans, I like B.G. the best.  He just seems like a real dude.  And this is my favorite song by him.


Polyrhythm AddictsNot Your Ordinary – from Rhyme Related 1999 – DJ Spinna makes some good music and the MC’s were definitely hungry on this.


Mountain BrothersPaperchase – from Self: Volume 1 1999 – I slept on this for a long time until I played it one day and laughed.  This is one of those joints you listen to while playing a video game.  The whole album is some pure hip-hop fun and you can hear the Tribe influence here.  It’s well produced, too, by Chops.  These three Korean guys in Philly are true hip-hoppers.






  1. Actually the Mountain Brothers were Chinese, one of them being in the same fraternity as me. But good looks on the tracks and showing the Philly love!

  2. Who wrote this lol?

    I told you we didn’t differ that much Vince…

  3. Summer Summer Summertime…damn what I laid back song..perfect summer track

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