Posted by: vincentlopez | May 1, 2008

The Source 1993 Year in Review


The January 1994 issue of The Source featured Das Efx on the cover.  Since I disliked their second album, I’m not going to speak on them.  This was the annual year in review issue and I just wanted to get your opinions of The Source’s best albums of ’93 list.  Do you agree/disagree and what’s missing from this list in your opinion?


Dr. DreThe Chronic

Souls of Mischief’93 ‘Til Infinity

Geto BoysTill Death Do US Part

BossBorn Gangstaz

Run-DMCDown With The King

Menace II Society – Soundtrack

Spice 1187 He Wrote

Black MoonEnta Da Stage

De La SoulBuhloone Mind State

The PharcydeBizarre Ride II the Pharcyde


The BeatnutsIntoxicated Demons

Trends of CultureTrendz…

Masta Ace Inc.Slaughtahouse

Erick SermonNo Pressure

Tha Alkaholiks21 and Over

Ultramagnetic MC’sThe Four Horsemen

KRS-OneReturn of the Boom Bap

Brand NubianIn God We Trust

Digable PlanetsReachin’


Some other highlights from this issue:


KRS-One returns for dolo

– The dopest rhyme of ’93 is from The Genius/Gza for “Protect Ya Neck”

– The popularity of gold fronts

– The bootlegging of clothing – Who didn’t buy some fake gear (shirt, skully, etc.) from a vendor on the street back in the day?

– The boosting of clothing – I remember back when me and a friend would boost from The Gap back in the 80’s before they had those magnetic discs that sprayed ink when you took them off.  This was also a time before an attendant would watch you going into the dressing rooms with a handful of clothing.  We used to always go at about 11 am to 12 Noon on Saturday when the store would be just crowded enough so that we wouldn’t get any attention.  Either I or my boy would go into the dressing room, while the other was on the lookout, with like five shirts and two pairs of pants.   And we’d put on all the shirts and pants under a very baggy sweatshirt and pair of sweatpants and walk right out when no one was looking.  Of course, we could only do this in the fall or winter when it was cold outside but we got a lot of back to school clothing those years.  The real boosters went down to the Ralph Lauren store and pretty much took them for everything.  I think those guys knew somebody that worked there because every Saturday, they’d have BOXES of brand new Polo everything for sale on 52nd Street.  I made sure to buy a few things from them before they got caught.

– The Wu Tang Clan come out of no where to make a HUGE impact in the game


There was no record report in this issue.


Note:  All issues from here on will likely be split into two PDF files and hence, have two download links because of the increased size of the magazines.



January ’94 issue part 1



January ’94 issue part 2





  1. Or you could use Sendspace or Megaupload…

    The thing I never liked about their Year End’s is the cut off date (October wasn’t it?). Enter The 36… and Doggystyle clearly could have made the list and then they could have kept it moving for ’94

  2. Thanks Vincent!

  3. Some of my best memories of 1993 are ‘Black Sunday’ and ’19NaughtyIII’ … Neither Cypress Hill or Naughty By Nature … One of the worst annual lists of The Source in my opinion. Boss? Are they kidding? Just because he recorded for Def Jam! Hahahaha! Thanks for the memories. Extraordinary work yours.

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