Posted by: vincentlopez | April 26, 2008

Philadelphia Drive (Random tracks from the car #4)

Coincidentally, I’m watching the Yo! MTV Raps Best of 1993 videos as I type this (“Punks Jump Up to Get Beat Down” is on).  I tell you, those were some great days for hip-hop music. 

Random tracks #4


Sean PriceLike You – from Jesus Price Superstar 2007 – The P comes correct right from the gate.  Funny but serious, he reminds me of a good friend of mine.


Jay Z w/ BiggieBrooklyn’s Finest – from Reasonable Doubt 1996 – How did the good collabo featuring these two end up on Jay-Z’s album?  Did Biggie lose at checkers and have to accept that horrible “I Love the Dough” garbage for his album?  I guess we’ll never know but this song is good.  It’s hard for me to say that with Jay-Z on it but Biggie makes it very entertaining and pulls both their weight.


Outsidaz w/Method Man and RedmanWho You Be – from The Bricks 2001 – No one ever mentions The Outsidaz.  But who cares.  Young Zee is the most entertaining dude in the crew anyway and he proves it again on this song.  Redman loves to rhyme for the heck of it.  But why does Method Man seem so lazy at times???  Even on The Wire, he was an underhanded, lazy loser.  I’m glad Slim Charles blew him away in mid sentence.


Chino XLNo Complex – from Here to Save You All 1996 – Funny, visual punch lines for days.  He’s a lyrical monster.  Chino has more rhymes in his pinky nail than Rick Ross has in two of his fat bodies.


Pete Rock w/ O.C.Respect Mine – from Soul Survivor 1998 – My favorite song from that album.  O.C. just goes for it.


Ice CubeSteady Mobbin’ – from Death Certificate 1991 – One of the funniest songs and videos ever.  Ice Cube knows how to tell a story well.


Freeway w/ Peedi CrakkFlipside – from Philadelphia Freeway 2003 – I have no idea why I like this song (maybe it’s a Philly thing) but it gets me amped up.  And they both have voices that can’t be imitated.


Ill PoeticSo Good – from The World Is Ours 2007 – My favorite song from this album.  He’s not super lyrical but his production is another story with the crispness and the pop and hiss from sampling the records with dust on the needle.  His attention to detail on the production could take him far with the right connections.  I’ll keep looking for the instrumentals ‘cause I got to have ‘em.


MF DoomGo With the Flow – from Operation: Doomsday 1999 – I didn’t get this until 2001.  He’s still as funny as the first KMD album, too.  I’ve always thought that he, Kool Keith and Ghostface needed to make an album together.  I’m sure it’d take us a few years to decipher it.


The RootsAin’t Sayin’ Nothin’ New – from Things Fall Apart 1999 – This song is too appropriate for today’s mainstream music scene.  Listen to the clarity of the music, too.  That must be great mixing/mastering work.


Krown RulersKick The Ball – from Phanjam 1987 – I still have this vinyl album.  In high school alone, I must have played this at least 5,000 times.  And I thought they were from Philly at first but they’re really from right across the bridge in Camden, NJ.  Classic hip-hop from the 80’s.


Boot Camp Click w/AaliyahNightriders (remix) – from Presents Preemptive Hype Vol. 7 2005 – It was good to hear Aaliyah again and surprisingly with BCC.


Digable Planets w/ Jeru tha DamajaGraffiti – from Blowout Comb 1994 – From one of the most underrated albums in history.  Damn, I love this bass line with the chime in the background.


Black Star w/ CommonRespiration – from Mos Def & Talib Kweli Are Black Star 1998 – A visual poem with a banging beat.  They don’t waste one word either.


Public EnemyRebel Without a Pause – from It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold us Back 1988 – Just incredible.  I remember when every drug dealer in the entire city blasted this out of their jeeps in the summer.  People forget that PE was/is a hardcore, political group that the mainstream media attacked constantly for speaking on the ills of society.  I hope they don’t get booed at the NY Summer Jam concert in June. 


Da Youngsta’sHip Hop Ride (Mellow Mix) – from Hip Hop Ride single 1994 – I didn’t hear this remix until last year when I think I got it from Travis @  It’s perfect for a slow ride with your girl in the car.  Has anyone else made a good hip-hop shout out song in the past few years?


El Michels Affair w/RaekwonPJ’s – from The PJ’s…From Afar 2007 – I can’t remember how I got this but I heard it on last year and searched for it until I found it.  Raekwon should ask this group to produce a few songs on his new album Brand New Heavies style.








  1. N***a skip the bull, cuz we matadors…

    “I Love The Dough” is incredible. Stop trippin’.

    Most def my favorites song on Things Fall Apart though. I can’t listen to the album without repeating it…

    Here you go Sir Vince:

  2. Good looks on that Youngstas “Hip Hop Ride” Mellow remix! Been looking for that one! You wouldn’t happen to have a copy of Freeway f. Philly Most Wanted “What We Do” remix? Either way, appreciate the track, just figured I’d ask someone who enjoys Philly music.

  3. I have to agree on the Black Star point. “Respiration” is probably the best song they will ever do. But then again, it’s not like there’s another Black Star album on the horizon, so that statement may be unfair. Still, true.

  4. Hey, I accidentaly deleted your email – please shoot another one my way so that I can respond accordingly.

  5. Jay-Z-Brooklyns Finest: Classic. 5/5
    Chino XL-No Complex: Classic. 5/5
    Ice Cube-Steady Mobbin: Classic. 5/5
    The Roots – Ain’t Sayin’ Nothin’ New: Classic. 5/5
    Black Star-Respiration: Classic. 5/5
    Public Enemy-Rebel Without a Pause: Classic. 5/5

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