Posted by: vincentlopez | April 25, 2008

Patience is a virtue…

As I was playing The Roots Rising Down (which I’ll be picking up next week) this morning, I realized that this is going to take a lot longer (years rather than months) than I thought.  Scanning page by page takes a while.  117 more Source magazines to go.  Be patient people…









  1. We got all the time in the world. This is an experience…

  2. There’s a page from that Gang Starr cover framed in my room…!!!

    And Vince why don’t you pick up that Wu-Tang issue with the Power 30 on it and look @ the first rating…

    Holla backkkk!!! hahaha

  3. @TC – Uh oh 😦 on that rating. I’ll comment on that issue in a year or two. You’re starting to remind me of a younger family member who has an eerily similar taste in music. You two would be good friends.

  4. We got the advantage Grumpy Gus. Old enough to appreciate some Biz Markie and boom bap but still was living through the 90’s when the music got upgraded in terms of flow and production…before the present time when s**t got outta control.

  5. What a collection…That MC Eiht one is one of my favorite Source articles…

    Your hard work is definitely appreciated

  6. We can wait (or atleast I can 😉

  7. man you’re the gift from the God

  8. You the best, Vincent!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!

  9. That selection has me salivating!!

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