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Philadelphia Drive (Random tracks from the car #3)


Random tracks #3


The weather has been great lately so I’ve been driving all over the place with the music blasting constantly.  I’ll post another one of these soon.


JuvenileHa – from 400 Degreez 1998 – This song shocked me a bit when it came out.  I didn’t expect this unknown guy to be different, funny and entertaining but Juvenile’s voice, flow, and demeanor were just that.  And the beat is incredible in the car.


Above the LawUntouchable – from Livin’ Like Hustlers 1990 – I couldn’t seperate myself from this tape when I bought it in ’90.  The beats killed my little Walkman headphones since I think I played it every day.  I like Dre’s production in ‘89-’91 more than at any other time, too.


Eric B. and RakimMy Melody – from Paid in Full 1987 – I think I first heard this in ’86.  I stared at the radio, taped the song, and rewound it over and over.  No one rhymed like that then.  And my grandmother tried to hinder me from listening to “rap” music in the house, too.  But I put a tape recorder with the tape of this under my pillow and listened to it in bed.  Songs like this are timeless…and it’s pure poetry, too.  Read the lyrics if you have the time.


Heltah SkeltahUndastand – from Nocturnal 1996 –  Ruck and Rock had good chemistry on this album.  They seemed like brothers.  But who would have thought that Sean Price would become of my favorite MC’s along with Reef the Lost Cauze and Young Zee?


A Tribe Called QuestLyrics to Go (remix) – from Oh My God single 1994 – After playing the original 1,000 times in just a couple of weeks after buying the album, I was happy to hear a great remix in 1994 as well.  I picked this maxi-single up as soon as I could find it at the record store.


PapooseAlphabetical Slaughter – from Papoose Vs. Saigon Who Will Bring Back NY mix CD 2006 – I know this song must have come out earlier but I didn’t have it until I got this mix CD.  If you’re a Rick Ross fan, then steer clear of this.  Pap drops the LYRICS OF FURY on this one in true hip-hop fashion.  Too bad he just can’t change up his rhyme style more.


Jazz AddixSomethin Ya Live – from Oxygen Refreshed 2007 – What a novel concept.  A hip-hop song with a (gasp) message…and it’s good.  This entire album was/is my 2007 album of the year.  It has that authentic hip-hop feel from beginning to end.  The production is reminiscent of Pete Rock in ’94.  And I lucked up and found the album instrumentals a few weeks ago, which I’m playing right now as I’m typing this.  These are the kinds of artists that really need support and exposure.


Murs & 9th WonderDreamchasers – from Murray’s Revenge 2006 – Great story and a great visual.  Murs is one of my favorites.


DMXGet At Me Dog – from It’s Dark and Hell is Hot 1998 – I hated DMX when he came out and because of it I’ve never bought one of his albums.  I always thought that Russell Simmons marketed him to ‘replace’ Tupac in a way.  I hate record labels man.  But I did get this album from a friend since I like this song.


Pharoahe MonchWhat It Is – from Desire 2007 – I’m still disappointed by the album but not by this song.  It’s ridiculous and hearing it blasting in the car is an experience.  You have to turn it up to really hear it and it’s worth it.  Monch still has the lyrics, brains and zaniness all in one.


GangstarrGotta Get Over (Taking Loot) – from Trespass soundtrack 1992 – Simply another Primo and Guru banger.


Masta Ace and Ed OGWishing (remix) – from Presents Preemptive Hype Vol. 7 2005 – I got this from a bonus CD giveaway and I was happily surprised.  Two of my favorite intelligent MC’s gettin’ busy with a conscious  rhyme.  This one is poetic as well.


Reef the Lost Cauze w/ Sean PriceFair Ones – from Feast or Famine 2005 – A killer collabo.  I wish they would do an album together with Young Zee.


M.O.P.Handle Ur Bizness (Premier Remix) – from Handle Ur Bizness EP 1998 – I still believe that Primo tried to make up for his gaffe with Group Home by working with M.O.P.  And I finally forgive him.


DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh PrinceDJ on the Wheels – from He’s the DJ, I’m the Rapper 1988 – What?  A DJ only song?  Yes, it’s called hip-hop and way, way back in the 80’s, albums featured songs with just a DJ scratching and mixing to a beat.  I know that Soulja Boy/Rick Ross fans just can’t understand what a DJ is so I ask that they please listen to this song.  In the late eighties, I used to listen to DJ tapes and songs by DJ Jazzy Jeff and DJ Cash Money and try to imitate them on my cheap turntables.  I broke quite a few needles in the process but my heart was in the right place.


Ultramagnetic MC’sOne Two, One Two – from The Four Horsemen 1993 – Kool Keith cannot be imitated.  His nonsense makes no sense but within the madness of his rhyme style, there is always a subtle message.  What kind of bullish was that???


Blu & ExileSimply Amazin’ – from Below the Heavens 2007 – These two work well together and the timing was obviously right.  Blu is just plain hungry and it shows.


Pete Rock & Large ProfessorThe Rap World – from High School High soundtrack 1996 – Why didn’t these guys make an album together back in the 90’s?


Ras KassSoul on Ice (remix) – from Soul on Ice single 1996 – After having Diamond craft a beat that fit your rhyme style like a glove, why wouldn’t you hire him to produce something on your sophomore album?  Ras Kass has been one of my favorite lyricists since ’95 but he must be cursed or something.


Nas & Big LThief’s Theme (remix) – from DJ Rondevu Nas & Rakim God Brothers 2 mix CD 2004 – If only this could have happened when Big L was alive.  It still bothers me that Big Pun and Big L are gone.


Ghostface KillahOne – from Supreme Clientele 2001 – Did Ghostface really bring back the Wu with this album?  IMO, yes.  Dude can be weird but it’s a good weird.






  1. How many blunts we smoke ya’ll *one*…at a time.

    What’s wrong with Desire? That’s a nice album minus the abundance of R&B joints.

    And Papoose is a bum. My man M.Z. got a buncha XXL’s like you do Source’s and we seen that n***a in there from like ’97 dropping that alphabet soup.

    And I hated DMX when he dropped to, but I came around. His persona carries him through when he’s doing a whole lot of barking…

  2. @TC – It may have been the R&B that did it. He has lyrics but I can’t listen to that album straight through.

    I knew that Papoose had done that song earlier I just didn’t know when. I’ll have to check the old XXL’s sitting over here.

    I ended up tolerating DMX but you know how a first impression of someone can screw everything up.

  3. Yeah, those were my high school days. He had everyone going crazy. I remember I stood up and clapped when he got popped in Romeo Must Die

  4. Eric B and Rakim-My Melody: Classic. 5/5
    DMX-Get At Me Dog: Classic. 5/5
    Pharoahe Monch – What It Is: Great song. 4/5
    Gang Starr-Gotta Get Over (Taking Loot): Classic. 5/5
    Ghostface Killah-One: Classic. 5/5

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