Posted by: vincentlopez | April 20, 2008

Lyrics To Go


The December 1993 issue of The Source featured my favorite group of all time on the cover; A Tribe Called Quest.  It had been just over two years since The Low End Theory had dropped and the entire college campus was extremely impatient.  Not to mention that my friends and I were stressing like hell because it was our senior year and a lot of us were carrying 18 credit 400 level courses.  I was stressed the hell out myself and really needed that Tribe vibe.  Even our usual ‘source’ of bootlegged music, a guy named Marlon from Brooklyn, had nothing for us.  And granted, by the time November ’93 rolled around we were listening to NasIllmatic demos every day all day courtesy of his contacts in NYC.  So I figured Tribe was keeping the lid on the album tighter than a pickle jar.  Anyway, by the time I heard the first single, I knew something was different.  It had that break out sound.  They wanted to get open and way out there.  And whether we knew it or not at the time, it was their peak album.  You know, I’m a little upset and a little sad when I speak to young people (26 and under) who have never heard any of the first three Tribe albums.  I always figured that their appeal would be stronger as they aged since they had made some timeless music. But would you want them to get back together today?  Would the music have the same ‘feel’ and energy?  Or would you rather they just tour the globe and sell out venues in every city?


Note: Thanks to for the larger picture of the cover.  Even with photoshop, my limited techie skills haven’t been able to correctly size the covers for the blog.  Hence, my too small thumbnail pics of the covers.


Some other highlights from this issue:


– The Editorial features a letter to Akinyele concerning his song, “I Luh Huh” – I knew a couple of guys who felt the same way the Ak did. 

J-Dee from Da Lench Mob is locked up for murder

Joe Sinistr with the hip hop quotable for “Payback Pt. II”

– An interview with Spice 1

– Surviving police brutality

Leaders of the New School return (sadly) for the last time

Erick Sermon speaks from his new home in Atlanta

– The 24 top basketball players in the NBA

– Madden ’94 drops in time for Christmas along with a $1,295 Fujitsu cell phone (note: pagers were still the best mode of quick communication in ’93)


Record Report highlights:


Too ShortGet in Where You Fit In (4 mics)

Del The Funky HomosapienNo Need For Alarm (4 mics)

Blood of AbrahamFuture Profits (2.5 mics)

Digital UndergroundBody Hat Syndrome (3 mics)

A Tribe Called QuestMidnight Marauders (4 mics) – In hindsight, they know they screwed this rating up.  Nothing less than 5 mics.

Eazy EIt’s On (Dr. Dre 187) Killa (2.5 mics)

Salt ‘N PepaVery Necessary (2.5 mics)


December ’93 issue





  1. Low End Theory/People’s Instinctive>Midnight Marauders

    After “OMG,” it’s sleepy time!!!!

  2. Nice issue!
    thanks for sharing amigo!

  3. Let Me see, Where do I start:

    First up, good name for the post. For some reason, I feel like the title gives a shout -out.

    Second, Great Ish from the source. Although giving Marauders nothing less than a five was horrific mistake (they know they messed too).

    Third, I agree with you on the popularity of the tribe. I feel like they should be more popular because they made music “for the ever”.

    Fourth, this post gives me an idea for the next post I should come up with over at this posts title (hope you followed that ). Hope you stop by sometime to check out some new post.

    Fifth. I plead it, so Until Next Time.

  4. A Tribe Called Quest-“Scenario” & “Oh My God” 12″/Remixes/U.K. VLS

    Added Bonus—

  5. @ John Q – Unfortunately, that wasn’t a shout out. That just happens to be the song on the album that I kept on repeat while studying for finals and writing papers back then. And the remix was/is great, too.

  6. wow.. i agree with TC about musical taste 🙂

    Low End Theory/People’s Instinctive>Midnight Marauders

    absolutely agree. Low End is one of my alltime favorites. Midnight……not so much.

    as always, Thanks Vincent.

  7. haha dude i was signing in to buy that dj quik issue for you but didn’t get signed in in time. Glad to see you got it.

  8. Del The Funky Homosapien-No Need For Alarm: Could’ve been 5 mics.
    A Tribe Called Quest-Midnight Marauders: Could’ve been 5 mics.

    • I meant No Need For Alarm could’ve gotten 4 mics

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