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Hip Hop 101


The November 1993 issue of The Source featured hip-hop founders Kool DJ Herc, Afrika Bambaataa and Grandmaster Flash on the cover.  This is Hip-Hop 101 people (I’m still jealous that they have hip-hop classes in colleges nowadays).  If you love this music, then you need to know how it started.  Now, I won’t lie.  Even back in high school (the 80’s), I wasn’t up on the beginnings of hip-hop.  My uncle bought a ton of Sugarhill vinyl in the early 80’s, which was the closest I got to the history of the music.  So when this 50th issue of The Source came out, I think all of us learned a little something.  And I think that this particular issue is crucial for the younger fans of hip-hop as well as some of the artists.  I just can’t imagine Soulja Boy or Rick Ross caring anything about how the music originated, can you?


Quick note – Everyone has a “moment” where they fell in love with the music.  My moment was hearing Run-DMC’s “Sucker MC’s” on the radio, back when I was in elementary school in 1983.  Before that, the music was just funny and enjoyable (other than the grittiness of “The Message”).  But when I heard “Sucker MC’s”, hip-hop became ‘real’ and emotional to me and I was on a mission to save all the loose change I could to buy that record at ten years old.  I ended up with their first tape, which is broken now, but I still have it today for sentimental value.  I remember cherishing the tape and trying to study/memorize every word on the album before my friends did.  What was your hip-hop moment that pulled you into the music?


Some other highlights from this issue:


Chuck D and Quincy Jones’ daughter write letters to The Source

– Legendary graffiti artists are profiled – Did I ever mention how much I love graf art???

De La Soul drop by to explain their Buhloone Mind StateDid you read this yet?

– The Source gives you a brief history of the magazine and provides pics of their first 50 covers.  Yeah, I’m still missing a few issues but you know how people say they’re going to do something and never do?

– A hip-hop history quiz

– Various artists give you their favorite album, single and memory – And your favorite album and single are…


Record Report highlights:


Black MoonEnta Da Stage (4 mics) – After the thousand deconstructions and discussions I had in college regarding this album, we were shocked to see that it only got 4 mics.  IMO, it’s 5 mics.  This album is always in rotation in my car.  Not to mention the ridiculous remixes of the songs on this album that kept me sane in ’94.  Too bad they did a Nas and could never completely live up to their first album.  But was that the fault of Da Beatminerz or Buckshot?

CasualFear Itself (4 mics) – I mentioned previously that this guy would have never fit into the Souls of Mischief group so he had to be solo.  He had that lazy flow and distinctive voice.  I’d hire him as a voice actor for a cartoon. 

Leaders of the New SchoolT.I.M.E. (4 mics) – No way this is 4 mics.  Did you see their beef on Yo! MTV Raps?  It affected the recording of this album immensely.  By the way, I have some unreleased songs from this album that are pretty good.

Shadz of LingoA View to a Kill (3 mics)

Spice 1187 He Wrote (3.5 mics)

KRS-OneReturn of The Boom Bap (4 mics) – A rock solid album and one of the five albums in heavy rotation when I dropped by for music debates with Terrell and Rahman while they played Madden and Mortal Kombat on Sega Genesis.  The other albums heard blasting from their dorm room in ’93 were Masta Ace Slaughtahouse, Souls of Mischief ’93 Til Infinity, De La Soul Buhloone Mindstate, and A Tribe Called Quest Midnight Marauders.  I think they blew the speakers.


November ’93 issue  – I just tested the new link and it’s working!




  1. Hi Vincent, I tried downloading & opening the file, but it won’t open because it says the file is damaged & unrepairable so it won’t open, is there anyway it can be fixed??

  2. Good Looking Man! Would love to hear those unreleased LONS tracks…

  3. @andyman187 – I’m hoping that my cousin will be helpign me burn all of my old cassettes in the coming months. Then I’ll post all of the unreleased songs from LONS, Tribe and Last Emperor.

  4. FYI – For some reason, the link is not working now and neither is the original PDF. So I may have to re-scan this whole darn mag later this week. Check back in a day or two. Sorry about that.

  5. Enta Da Stage should have got 4.5 but not 5. U be tossing them mics out like Halloween candy Vince! hahaha

    A certain group from the slums of Shaolin set the standard and Enta Da Stage cannot measure up to it…

  6. @TC – Well, you know, I’m just recouping the 3.5 mics you gave to Rick Ross and giving them to real hip hop artists!

  7. LOL. I just opened up The new Source yesterday and what did Trilla get??? U guessed it!


    TSS is runnin’ this rap ish…

  8. Thanks so much for posting this issue. I remember buying it and would study it for all the new artists coming out.

    Always wanted to go back and look at them….now I can.

  9. let’s do the 100 questions. I definitely can’t get them all.

    Thanks Vincent.

  10. One of my all-time favorite Source issues ever. I think I still have this copy somewhere. Good shit as always, hope all is well

  11. thank for the great scans!

  12. dead link, i hope you could re-up it please,thanks, greetings from indonesia

  13. Black Moon-Enta Da Stage: Could’ve been 5 mics.
    KRS-One-Return of The Boom Bap: Could’ve been 5 mics.

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