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The October 1993 issue of The Source featured Kriss Kross on the cover.  Jermaine Dupri’s experiment made him a little wealthier and so of course, he had to release their sophomore album.  They were probably the one kiddie group I avoided at the time because I just didn’t like them or their music.  Illegal and Da Youngstas were my kiddie rap groups of choice for the outstanding production work and ties to my native West Philadelphia.  Anyway, even though I couldn’t stand Kriss Kross, they did make one song (and video) that I actually liked (Way of the Rhyme).  As I glance at the cover of this issue now, I wonder whatever happened to these two guys since they’re obviously adults now.  Did they make any real money from the albums and tours or did Jermaine rip them off?  Do they work at Taco Bell or General Electric?  Are they married with children?  Are they jealous of Bow Wow or regretful that they never had the chance to give him any advice?   The world may never know…


Some other highlights from this issue:


Tupac writes a letter to The Source in response to his critics.  Whether hated or loved, he could draw people to him and evoke raw emotion from just about anyone, unlike the plastic rappers of today.

– Ironically, A Texas teen who killed a police officer said that listened to Tupac’s music influenced him to kill

Kool Keith with the hip-hop quotable for “Raise it Up”

– A brief history of Black baseball in the 1920’s and 1930’s

Ultramagnetic MC’s visit the Bronx Zoo

-Check out the pic of the fairly unknown Biggie with Tupac and Redman


Record Report highlights:


De La SoulBuhloone Mind State (4.5 mics) – Easily should have been 5 mics.  Here’s a link to an exceptional break down of this classic album:

FesuBlind Cripple and Crazy (4 mics)

Poor Righteous TeachersBlack Business (3.5 mics)

Pooh ManJudgment Day (3.5 mics)

Tha Alkaholiks21 and Over (4 mics)

Private InvestigatorsReact Like Ya Knew (3.5 mics)

Kriss KrossDa Bomb (3.5 mics)


October ’93 issue




  1. Thanks Vincent!

  2. I’d give Buhloone 5 Mics before De La Soul Is Dead

    Kris Kross had a handful of good songs when they were tykes but Young, Rich, & Dangerous is a pretty good album. But sadly by then, the damage had been done…

  3. i think i heard one of them kriss kross dudes is now respected graff artist. i will check on that and pass you a link

  4. thanks dude.. I see 25 downloads and less comments. Come on guys.. say thanks.

    also.. umm I don’t think Kriss Kross are broke one bit. I think they still work with Jermaine actually.

    p.s. Their song with super cat was good lol. ..

    p.p.s.. do you have the issue after this one? I seem to vaguely remember the letters column not being so nice on these guys.

  5. De La Soul-Buhloone Mindstate: This could have easily settled for 4 mics.

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