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Philadelphia Drive (Random tracks from the car #2)


Random Tracks #2


Grand PubaCheck The Resume – from Reel to Reel 1992 – Puba kicks off his solo album with a banger.


Ghostface Killah w/ Raekwon and CappadonnaDaytona 500 – from Ironman 1996 – The Chef and Ironman in the mid 90’s were golden.  Too bad they brought along that bum Cappadonna.


ATCQInfamous Date Rape – from The Low End Theory 1991 – Funny but true with an incredible beat as the backdrop.  This song came out at the right time for me and my friends in college.  How many guys have found themselves in an unfortunate situation with a woman?


M.O.P.Rugged Neva Smoove (remix) – from Rugged Neva Smoove single 1994 – I like both versions but the remix is on one of my favorite mixtapes from the 90’s so it’s my top choice.  Primo gave it a different feel.


Organized KonfusionWhy – from Stress: The Extinction Agenda 1994 –  Another true to heart song.  My girlfriend fronted on Organized Konfusion until I played this song in the car for her.  After that, she loved it.


RaekwonCriminology – from Only Built for Cuban Linx… 1995 – Rza really came with it on the production and Raekwon and Ghost brought the hunger.  Cuban Linx is still my favorite Wu album of them all.  What is that “sound” in the song?  Bells? A wind chime?  I love that ish!  I wish Biggie would have rhymed over this beat.


GangstarrTake It Personal – from Daily Operation 1992 – I bought the 12 inch vinyl for the instrumental back in ’92 so that Jamal (The Last Emperor) could rhyme over it in my dorm room since this was one of his favorite beats to freestyle over back then.  I set up all the equipment and forgot that we didn’t have a microphone.  So I had to pay somebody to take me to Radio Shack so that I could buy a microphone.  I think he must have freestyled for a couple of hours over this beat and some Main Source beats, too.  Those were the days…


Lord Finesse w/ KRS-OneNo Gimmicks – from The Awakening 1995 – I read the back of this CD a few times before buying it.  I couldn’t figure out if it was an EP or not because of all the interludes.  KRS-One kills it as usual.


Pete Rock and CL SmoothStraighten It Out – from Mecca and the Soul Brother 1992 – These guys from The Bronx lived next door to me in the dorm.  They made it a point to get someone at their house to tape Yo! MTV Raps every week and one of them would go pick up the tape.  A day or two after this video came out, they came to my room to show it to me.  We all stood there in awe and silence until the very end.


ATCQMidnight – from Midnight Marauders 1994 – The beat sounds like it belongs in a psychedelic horror movie or something.  I love it.



EPMDSo What Cha Sayin – from Unfinished Business 1989 – I think they answered a lot of their critics with this song.  DJ Scratch added the finishing touches.  Whatever happened to groups with DJ’s anyway?


Wu Tang ClanC.R.E.A.M. – from Enter the Wu Tang (36 Chambers) 1993 –As a broke college student who was eating cheap noodles and microwave popcorn on a daily basis when this came out, it’s safe to say  I related to this song.


Black MoonWho Got Da Props – from Enta Da Stage 1993 – Have you seen this video?  Have you really seen this video?  Rap City on B.E.T. played it to death when it first came out.  Youthful exuberance in full effect!







  1. Yo Vincent, first of all thanks for putting this history up.

    I found a issue from 1990 from John Book in PDF format.

    Check this great issue, description is from my blog.

    Inside this issue you will find following things mentioned:

    Kool Keith Solo Album from 1990, Ultramagnetics and Kool keith performing live their new material for “Pathmark/free cheese” Records. WTF ALLERT !!!!

    The unsigned hype crew is called “Ground Zero”. What is not written is that Jean Grea was ones a member of Ground Zero.

    Blair Underwood, who performed as Russel Simmons in the movie “Krush Groove” and is famous for his role in LA Law and Malcolm Jamal Warner who is famous for playing Theodore Huxtable in the Cosbys where the directors for some Black Rock & Ron videos.

    By the way, Malcolm Jamal Warner is singing christian soul and gospel today and looks like the Predator.

    DJ David from Hamburg is mentioned as DMC Champion, fuck him !!! Today he plays very sucessfull poker.

    MC Rid of Boo Yaa Tribe is rapping on this Swing Single.

    DJ Too Tuff has teamed up with John Gilmore from Heavy Metal Group Executive Slacks.

    Ced Gee is working in philly on a solo carrer, Kool Keith maybe becomes a member of NWA and Tim Dog promises to become large. One year later he disses the hell out of NWA. Maybe this is a revenge for Kool Keith not becoming a part of NWA ???

    VERY STRANGE !!!!!!!!!!!

    Generation grunge gets a honorable mention before anyone knew what grunge is. Soundgarden and Queensryche are name dropped as “Seattle Sound”. Who the fuck is Nirvana !!!!!

    Nastymix Records artists Side F/X are compared to De La Soul. I have to say “This is a Journey” ist a very good album, but comparing it with 3 ft. high and rising is like …. ???

    In the Source Radio Network a boy from Berlin called Adrian Nabi from A.A.M. Productions is dropping his Playlist. He mentiones Snap with “The Power” LOL !!!
    But he is also the only who drops the “Free South Africa Song” from Bambaataa.

    In a readers mail with the fantastic title “Computer Scratching ?” a guy called DJ Evil-I is asking why the industrie is stoping pressing vinyl. He is asking if Terminator X and 45 King should start to cut up CD’s at their concerts ?? Back than he meant it as a joke LOL !!! If only he would have known !!!!

    Yo RZA !!!! Who invented it ??????

  2. @Frank – You’re welcome and thanks for that 1990 issue of the Source. You’re only one who has come through with an old Source mag. If you have any more, I’d appreciate it.

    Look for those re-ups you asked for later today.

  3. Grand Puba-Check The Resume: Don’t know it.
    Ghostface Killah-Daytona 500: Classic. 5/5
    A Tribe Called Quest-Infamous Date Rape: Classic. 5/5
    M.O.P-Rugged Neva Smoove (remix): Don’t know it.
    Organized Konfusion-Why: Classic. 5/5
    Raekwon-Criminology: Classic. 5/5
    Gang Starr-Take It Personal: Classic. 5/5
    Lord Finesse-No Gimmicks: Don’t know it.
    Pete Rock and CL Smooth-Straighten It Out: Don’t know it.
    A Tribe Called Quest-Midnight: Classic. 5/5
    EPMD-So What Cha Sayin: Classic. 5/5
    Wu-Tang Clan-C.R.E.A.M-Classic. 5/5
    Black Moon – Who Got Da Props. Classic. 5/5

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