Posted by: vincentlopez | March 27, 2008

Nobody Beats The Biz


When I think about Biz Markie, two things always come to mind.  The first thing is his lyric from “We Write the Songs” on Marley Marl’s In Control Volume 1, “…1982 the year I graduated…”  Damn, Biz is old as heck and we’re only like eight or nine years apart.  He’s been making records since ’85, I think.  The other thing that comes to mind is that he’s a survivor since he’s never been one to go platinum or even gold consistently.  So he turned himself into a producer/A&R (for Grand Daddy I.U. and Diamond Shell), traveling DJ, and and unpredicatable guest rapper when he has the time.  If I were making a record today, he’s one of the few guys I’d ask to get on a song because of his sheer zaniness.  He’s the original Ol’ Dirty Bastard without the cursing and baby mama drama.  He clearly stands out as a true hip-hopper, in my opinion.  And he gets extra praise for ‘discovering’ my first favorite MC while I was in high school, Big Daddy Kane.  With all of the same rehashed crap coming out today, there’s definitely room in your collection for a Biz album.

Some other highlights from this issue:

 A Tribe Called Quest and Wrecks-N-Effect make peace

Method Man with the hip-hop quotable for “Method Man”

The Jerky Boys (remember them?) make prank calls to Masta Ace, Diamond D, Marley Marl, and Positive K

John Singleton directs Poetic Justice

Tupac is ready for war

– Poetry readings make another comeback

Record Report highlights:

MC LyteAin’t No Other (3 mics)

ThreatSickinnahead (3.5 mics)

Da King and IContemporary Jeep Music (3.5 mics)

Mad FlavaFrom The Ground Unda (3 mics)

Capital TaxThe Swoll Package (3.5 mics)

Lifers GroupLiving Proof (3 mics)

Super Lover Cee & Casanova RuddBlow up the Spot (3 mics) – If you have this, please hit me up with a link.

August ’93 issue 




  1. Thanks Vincent Appreciate The Invite & What Your Doing!

  2. Da king & i had a gone of the greatest jeep music cd’s!
    thanks for sharing, this was a great number.

  3. Look @ them Mic ratings!!!

    The wackness has always been present.

    super lover cee & casanova rud – girls i got em locked

    Couldn’t find the other bs. These dudes were wack Vince. They retired from Rap and they’re probably happily married, living in Rhode Island….with each other…

  4. @TC – You know I already have that first album. It’s one of my all time favorites from high school days. Definitely not your style but it’s head and shoulders above anything that T.I., Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Flo Rida or any of those other wack dudes will ever put out. I really miss 1988!!!!!

  5. I don’t really give a damn about any of them dudes (specially Wayne) but people lie, numbers don’t. (Mic averages, record sales)

  6. here’s the blow up the spot album vincent. Enjoy.

    Thanks again for all you’re doing!

  7. @bbatson1 – Thanks for the download.

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