Posted by: vincentlopez | March 21, 2008

Philadelphia Drive (Random tracks from the car #1)


As I drive to and fro through Philly and its surrounding suburbs, I’m constantly bumping one of my random discs.  And in my new car, the upgraded sound system is getting a lot work these days.  I burn about 140 various tracks, pop the disc in, hit the random button, and let it play.  I have about 30 of these discs in my car so I’m steadily groovin’ to the hip-hop I love.  Anyway, I had an idea on the way to work the other day since I always seem to get lucky with the right songs popping up right after another.  So when I get time, I’m going to try to remember some of the good songs that play in the car and just throw them up on the blog for you to download and enjoy as well.  Random Tracks #1:

Jeru the DamajaD’ Original – from The Sun Rises in the East 1994 – What more can be said about the pairing of Primo and Jeru in ’94?

De La Soul featuring Biz MarkieLovely How I let My Mind Float – from Ego Trippin’ (Part Two) CD single 1993 – An unexpected, unorthodox song that’s just as enjoyable as the album it should have been on.

ArtifactsWrong Side of the Tracks – from Between a Rock and a Hard Place 1994 – I waited a while to get into this back in the 90’s and it was a pleasant surprise.

Big Punisher featuring Black ThoughtSuper Lyrical – from Capital Punishment 1998 – When I bought this, I didn’t think that the pairing of these two on the same song would work well.  I was very wrong.

Special EdNeva Go Back – from Revelations 1995 – I don’t know why but I absolutely love this song.

Big Daddy KaneWarm It Up Kane – from It’s A Big Daddy Thing 1989 – I bought this tape in the lunchroom in high school from a girl who would sell brand new stolen tapes out of her book bag for $5.00 each.  I ran up to her like a crackhead the day this came out!

Mobb DeepCan’t Get Enough Of It – from Hell On Earth 1996 – This beat KNOCKS in the car!  Even the no name guy sounds good on it.  Reminds me of how Group Home sounded great over Primo’s beats.

Naughty By NatureEveryday All Day – from Naughty By Nature 1991 – Hearing the horn and bass line in the car puts me in that laid back mode.

Cool CEnemy Territory – from I Gotta Habit 1989 – How did the grammatical error in the album title get past the heads at Atlantic Records?  Too bad he’s still on death row trying to win an appeal.  This song (and album) is pure Philly hip-hop.

Outkast – Atliens – from Atliens 1996 – My girlfriend LOVES to hear this song in the car.  She throws her hands up high!

Kool G RapTrain Robbery – from Live and Let Die 1992 – A pure cinematic experience for your eardrums.  No one does it better.

Black MoonBuck Em Down (remix) – from Buck Em Down CD single 1994 – One of the many great songs that helped me keep my sanity back in ’94.

BoogiemonstersJugganauts – from Riders of the Storm: The Underwater Album 1994 – One of my all time favorite albums.  I’ll say more when I get to the ’94 Source with the record review.








  1. Yo that’s my shit! Can’t get enough of it….


  2. Each song:
    Jeru the Damaja-D’ Original: Don’t know it.
    De La Soul-Lovely How I Let My Mind Float: Don’t know it.
    Artifacts-Wrong Side of the Tracks: Classic. 5/5
    Big Punisher-Super Lyrical: Classic, Big Pun is dope. 5/5
    Special Ed-Neva Go Back: Don’t know it.
    Big Daddy Kane-Warm It Up Kane: Classic. 5/5
    Mobb Deep-Can’t Get Enough of It: Classic. 5/5
    Naughty By Nature-Everyday All Day: Don’t know it.
    Cool C-Enemy Territory: Don’t know it.
    Outkast-ATLiens: Classic. 5/5
    Kool G Rap and DJ Polo-Train Robbery: Classic.
    Black Moon-Buck Em Down (remix): Don’t know it.
    Boogiemonsters-Jugganauts: Don’t know it

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