Posted by: vincentlopez | March 20, 2008

Insane in the Brain


The July 1993 issue of The Source featured Cypress Hill on the cover.  I remember them literally coming out of no where with their first album.  And who would have thought that the parties we had in school back in ’91 didn’t really get jumping until someone played ‘How I Could Just Kill A Man’ to get the guys off the wall?  They garnered a mega huge following their debut but after their first album, they fell off in my opinion.  The funny thing is that I never really figured out why.  Were they too commercial?  Trying to be too hard and too high?  Or was it the Lollapalooza tour?  I don’t know but after listening to their second album (Black Sunday) a couple of times after I bought it that summer, I was bored and haven’t touched it since.  It didn’t seem like they had grown as artists or even cared to change up.  As a matter of fact, they may be doing the same old, same old today.   What happeend to experimenting with music?  Anyway, that Black Sunday CD now sits in “The Box” I have in my basement full of at least 200 CD’s I pretty much refuse to listen to anymore.  Now that I think about it, I have a ton of  albums in that box that were/are less than average to me (Dr Dre 2001The Fugees Blunted on Reality, KRS-One I Got NextJay Dee Welcome to Detroit, Smif N Wessun Dah Shinin’, Wyclef The Carnival, Leaders of The New School T.I.M.E., Big Daddy Kane Prince of Darkness, Tracey Lee Many Facez, Warren G Regulate, etc.).  Maybe I should sell those CD’s on Ebay.  And does anyone know if there’s a market for old hip-hop vinyl?  I have quite a few vinyl records and 12 inch singles from the mid to late eighties and early nineties just sitting in my basement.  Those turntable days are long gone for me.

Some other highlights from this issue:

– Big Ill The Mack (from Ill and Al Scratch?) as the unsigned artist – I have the tape of him at Big Daddy’s Kane’s birthday party.  He wasn’t as good as Redman (Redman was on FIRE!) but if I’m not mistaken, Ill dissed Kane at the party.

Rage with the hip-hop quotable for ‘Puffin on Blunts and Drankin’ Tanqueray’

– R.I.P. Subroc from KMD

– Flavor Unit Management (Queen Latifah and Shakim) takes off

Big Daddy Kane tries to come back hard and flops – He should have paid Pete Rock for those beats and not been so cheap.

The Jungle Brothers also come back – Is Afrika really into guys now?  That’s crazy! He needs to go back and listen to their first album (Straight Out the Jungle) immediately.  By the way, that album was a great Walkman album back when I was in high school in ’88 and it’s still relevant today.

Record Report highlights:

Yo YoYou Better Ask Somebody (4 mics)

Biz MarkieAll Samples Cleared (3.5 mics)

Menace to Society – Soundtrack (3.5 mics)

Big Daddy KaneLooks Like a Job For… (3.5 mics)

C.E.B.Counting Endless Bank (2.5 mics) – Ahhh…the good old days for Steady B and Cool C.  I remember seeing them on 60th Street back in the 80’s.

 FunkboobiestWhich Doobie U B? (3 mics)

The Jungle BrothersJ Beez Wit the Remedy (3 mics)

Flavor UnitRoll Wit’ Tha Flava (3.5 mics)

July ’93 issue 




  1. “The Box” is something I’m sure we all share: that’s pretty much why I started up my blog. I mean, there was a reason that we ran out to buy these albums in the first place, and sometimes it’s good to bring back some good memories when you’re doing something as simple as listening to music. Although I’m sure you could get a pretty penny off of selling them all as one collection.


  2. Yeah there is a old school vinyl hip hop market today!! I’d really be interested in buying them… but I do not have much money to work with..

  3. Hi!
    Thanks again for those nice scans!! 😉

  4. LOL @ Funkdoobiest only getting 3 mics for Which Doobie U B. Sh*t is criminal

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