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Throw Ya Gunz


The June 1993 issue of The Source featured Onyx on the cover.  I’m not that big of a fan so I won’t say much but I think Jam Master Jay (R.I.P.) was the one who signed them to a deal.  With the exception of a few songs, I can barely listen to their first album anymore.  It sounds waaayyy too gimmicky to me now but I was hyped as anybody when they first came out because without question, they brought raw energy to their music and videos.  But they fell off like Das Efx and I never really listened to them much after ’93.  Just last week, when I was sick, I watched Blade: The Series starring Sticky Fingaz.  I can’t believe how well he portrayed the role (why did they cancel that series?), which made him seem much more subdued than he was with Onyx.

This issue also features a good fiction story by Masta Ace.  I knew he wrote graffiti but didn’t know he wrote about it until I picked up this issue in ’93.  As I’ve always said, he’s one of the more creative and intelligent MC’s out there.  Make sure you read his story, “Sleeping Snakes”.

And once again, the Source System (hot albums out at the time) proves that taking the time to go to the record store and browse the CD racks was an enjoyable weekly experience.  I think I bought everything on that list except for Ant Banks and Dr. Dre.  Why didn’t I buy Ant Banks and Dr. Dre, you ask?  There’s obviously no need to ask me why I didn’t buy an Ant Banks album.  I think most people realize that’s like me buying Insane Clown Posse, Soulja Boy, Rick Ross, D4L, G-Unit or Eminem.  It will never happen.  But with The Chronic, well, I was one of the few people who was never overly impressed by that album.  And I’m still not.  It’s good but not great TO ME.  To each his own.

REQUESTS: Oh yeah, can someone hit me up with the April 1993 issue of The Source with Martin Lawrence on the cover?  It has the EPMD breakup article.  I’m still looking for some other old issues, too (September 1991 Ice Cube, December 1991 Kid ‘n Play, February 1992 Geto Boys, March 1992 Dr. Dre, Ed Lover and Fab 5 Freddie, May 1992 X-Clan, October 1992 DJ Quik).  And does anyone know where I can get the Doo Wop Summer Jam ’94 mixtape in mp3?  I have the two spring ’94 mixtapes and the fall ’94 mixtape but I need that Summer Jam ’94.  Help me out with a link if you can.  Thanks

Some other highlights from this issue:

Tupac has another run in with the Justus system

KRS-One lectures in Wisconsin – Yet another reason why he’s my favorite and greatest rapper of all time.  Only two rappers were doing college lecture tours back then (KRS and Chuck D).  Is there any chance in hell that Little Wayne or Young Jeezy would be invited to speak at any college anywhere on Earth?  What the heck would they talk about that could possibly interest you?

Fat Lip with the hip-hop quotable for “Passin Me By” – I’m sorry TC but this one verse trumps EVERY lyric on The Chronic.

– More great pictures of graffiti art

– Female MC’s have their say

Pete Nice and Daddy Rich drop an album and dis MC Serch

Record Report highlights:

Souls of Mischief’93 Til Infinity (3.5 mics) – I played the living sh*t out of this when it came out.  It should have been 4.5 mics.  This album was blasted out of every guy’s dorm room at school.

Run DMCDown With the King (3.5 mics)

Mobb Deep (nee Poetical Prophets) – Juvenile Hell (3.5 mics) – No way this should have gotten 3.5 mics.  It should have been a 3 for effort.

Boss Born Gangstaz (4 mics) – I think I’m the only person I’ve ever seen with this CD and it was good, too.  Those girls could rhyme.  Not worth 4 mics though.

Da Youngsta’sThe Aftermath (3 mics) – This should have been 4 mics just for the great production alone.  It’s still difficult for me to see this group as adults today.  Taji was my neighbor around the corner and I used to sell candy and water ice at the corner store to him and his little friends.

LL Cool J14 Shots to the Dome (3 mics) – He should have given himself 14 smacks upside the head for this album.  It’s not even worth 3 mics.

June ’93 issue




  1. U wish…

    And don’t sleep on the Ross either. It is what it is…

  2. But I will agree: ’93 Til Infinity is missing a half or a mic. Truly an innovative album…

  3. @TC – You know I’m going to hound you about The Pharcyde for the next year, right?!?

    And my answer regarding Rick Ross or any other cookie cutter rapper is…listen to ‘Supa Emcees’ on De La Soul’s Stakes is High album.

  4. I fux with the Pharcyde…but they weren’t the best @ making albums (too damn long)


    Ross ain’t the 2nd coming of shit but there’s a big difference between him and Souljahboy/Gorilla Zoe/Shawty Lo…etc…etc…

    I’m just saying.

    Oh yeah

    Killah Priest’s “Whut Part Of The Game”> “Supa Emcees”

  5. I had that Boss cd I always tried to pick up stuff by the sistas. Who cares is she was a so-called “fake gangsta” rapper if the music moves you it moves you.

    Besides what’s real in rap music these days…not much…lol

  6. I loves the Pharcyde first album. I still plat that album to this day. Fatlip was the dopest MC in the crew, but they were all great as one unit. 93′ Til Infinty should have gotten a higher rating. Cool ish though.

  7. Yeah, that Ace story is cool, plus the little profile.
    I had a grafitti video with him from around this time where he shared “tips for toys,” but the advice was kinda toy itself!

  8. Cant wait to read the ace story.
    and damn, amazing you selled to Taji…

    but dope post as always, loved the comments.. and im in agreeance with you with the pharcyde

  9. can you re up the piece on the gangsta female mc’s from this issue?

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