Posted by: vincentlopez | February 22, 2008

Can You Rock It Like This?


The February 1993 issue of The Source featured my all time greatest hip-hop group; Run-DMC.  And after watching Krush Groove again for the 80th time this past weekend, I can see why I still think they’re the greatest (not my favorite, though).  Before I go on, if you haven’t seen Krush Groove yet, then you should be ashamed of yourself.  Please shut off your computer and rent/download/steal a copy and watch it ASAP.  In my little opinion, Run-DMC (or maybe just Run) was hip-hop energy and hunger personified.  Listen to their first two albums.  I listened to their first album on tape on a crappy tape recorder (I’m not sure if you young guys know what they are) and it sounded like Run was coming through the lone speaker.  Not only that, but these guys toured like crazy and they must have had a hell of a stage show with Run’s energy alone.  Come to think of it, it seems as if artists from the 80’s era were groomed to perform live and some went as far as to hire good dancers and create routines to keep the crowd entertained for an hour or more.  I can’t think of anyone who has come out since 2000 that could keep my attention for five minutes if they were performing live.  Do they even practice before performing nowadays?  And which artists still use real DJ’s?  I guess a lot of ‘artists’ today can just sit in their bedroom, create an album using their computer, sell it via the web, and never perform live.  Things are either too easy or I’m too old.  Maybe it’s both.

Some highlights from this issue:

Eazy E sues Dr. Dre for $13.5 million

Postive K with the hip-hop quotable for “How the F**k Would You Know”

– The Lyricist Lounge in NYC and Good Life Café in L.A. keep real hip-hop alive

– The Sega CD system debuts at $299

– The 1992 Source award winners are listed

Russell Simmons on top of the hip-hop business world

Record Report highlights:

Dr. DreThe Chronic (4.5 mics) – Should this be rated the same, higher or lower now?

Heavy DBlue Funk (3.5 mics)

Kool G RapLive and Let Die (3.5 mics)

Young Black TeenagersDead Enz Kidz Doin Lifetime Bidz (3 mics) – Whatever happened to these guys?

The PharcydeBizarre Ride To the Pharcyde (3.5 mics) – Definitely should have been 4.75 mics in my opinion.  It’s one of the most creative albums ever.  And I’d pick this over The Chronic any day.

King TeeTha Triflin Album (3.5 mics)

February ’93 issue  




  1. Good loookin’ Vince (again…and again…)

    The Chronic deserves every bit of the 5 Mics it was rerated. And Pharcyde can barely hold a candle to “The Roach (Outro).”

  2. I concur. The Chronic deserves 5, and the Kool G Rap album (the finest in their catalogue) should get 4.5. Good lookin’ on this issue.

  3. A five is certified to a “hip hop classic”. So the five mics are very well deserved for the chronic, because it is a record that defined a sound, and an era in the history of music, not only hip hop. Its cultural importance makes it a five (and a half), although it is not an excellent recording

  4. Good point my man.Anyone with a computer and an interface can produce a decent album and sell it via the web but nowadays,the live element is coming back and that’s how artists get revenue.I saw some live shows and they suck for the most part.I have to watch that movie btw…

  5. Is there a list somewhere of all the albums the Source rated five mics? Can’t wait til my Ego Trippin’ book arrives.

  6. The Source (in a ’98 issue) and Ego Trippin listed the 5 mic albums.

  7. Dr Dre-The Chronic: 4.5/5: Easily deserved 5/5

    Kool G Rap and DJ Polo-Live and Let Die: 3.5/5: Easily deserved 5/5

    Pharcyde-Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde: 3.5/5: Easily deserved 5/5

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