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I’m finally posting the debut issue of Blaze magazine from fall 1998 featuring Method Man on the cover.  It’s kind of ironic, too, seeing as how I’m anticipating him getting his brains blown out on The Wire in the next couple of weeks.  Cheese has got to fall for turning on his uncle Prop Joe and having him killed.  And there’s only two more episodes left!  Why did HBO do that to the best show on television?  Anyway, the magazine was so large in size that I had to split it into two parts for downloading like I did with the last Source I posted.  I remember Vibe coming out with this magazine to compete with The Source.  As you may or may not know, by fall 1997, The Source decided to “battle” Vibe by darn near doubling the size of its magazine by filling it full of advertising and fluff.  The Puff Daddy jiggy era was in full effect, too, so I guess the heads of The Source decided to jump on board by creating a slick image and mega sized issues that will probably take me hours to scan when I finally get to the 1997-2003 issues.  Anyway, the first issue of Blaze is chock full of interesting interviews, record reviews, a three part article titled “Who’s The Best MC?” between Biggie, Nas and Jay-Z and The Blaze Battle recap.  The freestyle battle may actually be the best part of the magazine.  Sixteen MC’s going toe to toe freestyling and guess who was left standing?  You’ll actually recognize some of these MC’s, too, because some were either signed then or are signed now.  Can you actually imagine signed artists battling today?  Which signed MC’s do you think would consent to battling live in front of an audience?  KRS-OneRas KassChino XL?   Mos DefLittle WayneMasta AseBlu?  Reef The Lost CauzeDelSnoopLupe FiascoBusta RhymesCam’RonGhostface?  RedmanMF DoomThe GameEminemKanye? Joell OrtizPhonte (from Little Brother)?  Papoose? Royce Da 5’9?  Sean Price?  Jay-Z?  Brother Ali?

Blaze fall ’98 Part 1

Blaze fall ’98 Part 2

RE-UP 1/19/09




  1. Thanks. Remember Copping This Issue The Last Time I Was In Florida Which Was A Long Ass Time Ago.

  2. ahh man i still have every issue of Blaze. I remember they had THE WORST RATING SYSTEM ever in the history of magazines and they changed it a million times. Really bad graphic design and typogrophy too.

  3. can u upload this please in megaupload?please?it seems to be a problem with zshare!thank you

  4. @redmannnnn – I re-upped it. Check the post again.

  5. ok man!!!!!thnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!

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