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Tres Leches (Dr. Dre, Charles Barkley, and Spike Lee)



I’m tired of being sick.  This crappy winter weather has been making me grumpier than usual with the coughs, sneezes, and…you get the picture.  I’m very jealous of anyone who lives in warm weather places year round.  You have it made!!!  Snow and cold weather are overrated and unnecessary for human life.  I REALLY HATE WINTER!  Okay, I’m done complaining now.  Anyway, since I’ve also been stressed with some other real world issues, I’ve decided to post two magazines today so that I can rest this weekend.  The November 1992 issue of The Source featured Dr. Dre on the cover.  And yes, I was late getting to the record store that day so I got the leftover copy with the Source logo torn off.  But don’t sweat that, the issue is still intact otherwise.  By the way, do you ever get a weird feeling to listen to just one or two artists for a whole day?  For some reason, this sickness has me playing Big Punisher songs like crazy.  What a shame that this guy passed away at a young age.  He was truly a talented lyricist and one of my favorites.  I always wonder what would have happened in the world of hip-hop if Big Pun, Big L, and Biggie had lived and made a few songs together.  We’ll never know.     

Some highlights from this issue:

Diamond D with the hip-hop quotable for “Check One, Two”

Eight Off the Assassin as the unsigned hype artist – (Whatever happened to this guy?  I liked that ‘Ghetto Girl’ song.  If anyone has it, please send me a link.)

– I think this was the first issue that featured up and coming model Tyson Beckford and model turned actress N’Bushe Wright

– I think this was also the first issue that featured graffiti artists work on walls and trains.  (Graffiti is still the rawest form of art to me and I absolutely love it!  Big up to Steven Collazo who used to draw graffiti for us back in middle school and my neighbor Estro who put up some of the best graffiti I have ever seen in Philly.  The Bugs Bunny piece above the El train tunnel at 46th and Market is still my all time favorite.  And by the way, he’s the one and only Native American graffiti artist that I’ve ever heard of.)

Record Report highlights:

RedmanWhut Thee Album (4.5 mics)

Da Lench MobGuerillas in the Mist (4 mics)

Public EnemyGreatest Misses (3 mics)

Showbiz and A.G.Runaway Slave (4 mics)

Diamond and the Psychotic NeuroticsStunts, Blunts and Hip-Hop (4 mics)

The December 1992 issue of The Source featured Charles Barkley and Spike Lee on the cover.  Chuck was my favorite basketball player at that time even though he was traded from my beloved 76ers to the Phoenix Suns.  I still keep his 1991 76ers poster in my basement as a testament to the great player he was.  I also loved his attitude.  He would smile and throw your ass through the window if you got out of line.  Anyway, this was also the year the Dream Team played in Barcelona, Spain and decimated the other Olympic teams so Chuck’s popularity had skyrocketed.  Spike Lee‘s new movie at the time (Malcolm X) was just about to arrive at theaters when this issue came out so he was sought out for interviews everywhere.  I still think Malcolm X was his best movie, too, regardless of the missing details.  There was no way he was going to get every important detail without extending the movie to 5 or 6 hours.  But critics are critics.  If you want details, read the book.

Some highlights from this issue:

John Singleton writes a letter to The Source

– A police officer is killed and Tupac‘s music is blamed – (I think this is the beginning of Tupac’s problems with the law and media.  From here to his death, the spotlight is on him constantly.)

Das Efx with the hip hop quotable for “Hard Like a Criminal”

– An African Burial Ground is found at a construction site in Manhattan

DJ Ron G is interviewed (I was always partial to DJ Doo Wop tapes myself)

Dee Barnes is interviewed about her confrontation with Dr. Dre

– Check out the holiday buying guide with Madden ’93 for Sega Genesis and Super NES and also that AIWA walkman.  AIWA made some of the best walkmans.

– The Funkadelic Redman, Common Sense, Diamond D and Showbiz and A.G. are interviewed

Record Report highlights:

Brand NubianIn God We Trust (4 mics)

Positive KThe Skills Dat Pay Da Bills (4 mics)

Red Hot Lover Lover Tone – Self Titled (3 mics)

Compton‘s Most WantedMusic to Driveby (3.5 mics)

Grand PubaReel to Reel (4 mics)

Above The LawBlack Mafia Life (3.5 mics)

November ‘92 issue

December ‘92 issue




  1. Thanks For Sharing! You Wouldn’t Happen To Have The DJ Issue From Rap Pages In April 96 Would You?

  2. Unfortunately, I don’t own any Rap Pages mags. Check out Someone there may have it.

  3. 8-Off the Assassin is now Agallah of Purple City Byrdgang (Dipset affiliates). He produces most of their beats and occasionally does stuff for other Dipset cats. I found one interview with him but it doesn’t mention the his past life:

    Speaking on the Source, one of thier of “Best of the Year” memories issues from the early 90’s (91? 92?) had 2 short anecdotes that always stuck with me: One writer recounted a rooftop freestyle session with YZ and 8-off and somebody=y else from YZ’s clikck and another mentioned an Oakland cypher with Del,, Souls of Mischief and Casual (before any hiero members besided Del had dropped albums). I remember being very jealous.

  4. Hey Vincent! I would also like to say thank you for sharing. I started to collect the Source back in september 1994 (When it was worth buying) and have been looking for those back issues for a long long time. Finally the wait is over!! Good job!!!

    Is it possible to get a scan of the October 1992 issue with the Grand Puba article?? Hope so.

    Keep up the good work!!

  5. @Ndouble – Check my first or second post from January. I have a list of Source mags that are unavailable to post. I am waiting for a few good readers to send me the missing mags so that I can post them.

  6. 8 off err agallah is currently making horrible diss records towards Jay Z.

    thanks again for the mags!

  7. 8-Off now goes by Agallah and has evolved into one hell of a fuckin producer in his own right on the underground scene at least, producing for himself, former Purple City affiliates, even Jedi Mind Tricks and Sean Price, he also has gotten production from the likes of top-shelf producers such as DJ Primo and a few others that slip the mind, but he’s still around, he just reincarnated himself…….

  8. Thanks for sharing.
    You might be interested in the interview Agallah did for my blog a while ago.

    The blog is in Italian, but I left the interview in English…


  9. Redman-Whut? Thee Album: 4.5/5: Deserves 5/5
    Stunts Blunts and Hip Hop: 4/5: Deserves 5/5

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