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The September 1992 issue of The Source features one of the greatest duos of all time in EPMD.  I can’t say enough about the impact these guys have had in hip-hop.  I remember in high school, when they first came out, my classmate Shawn let me hear “It’s My Thing” and “You’re a Customer” in his walkman.  I was hooked and couldn’t wait for the ‘tape’ to come out so I saved up the $7.99 in anticipation.  Fast forward to October 1992 when the Hit Squad tour hit our campus for the homecoming concert!  I cannot adequately describe how much that concert was anticipated.  I think it sold out in a day or two.  Most people (mainly girls) wanted to see the hot new group, Das Efx, because they had hits all over the radio.  But most of the guys were amped to see EPMD and Redman.  We had passed around the tape of Redman freestyling (at Big Daddy Kane‘s birthday party in ’91?) and were floored by his skills at the time.  Anyway, I remember that my friend Leo had come up from Philly to see the concert.  The gym was so hot and humid that he fainted in the middle of the floor and the audience parted like the red sea.  Me and my roommate Tad picked him up and got him some fresh air before getting back to the show.  Jamal (aka The Last Emperor) was the warm up act for the show.  He performed a few of the hot rhymes we recorded in my dorm roon that I still have here on tape somewhere in the basement.  Then K-Solo (he’s much smaller in person) performed and under whelmed us with his new album.  I really only wanted to hear “Spellbound” and “Your Mom’s In My Business” and when he left and Redman hit the stage, we rejoiced.  Das Efx had the crowd jumping through the roof with their hits and EPMD were the absolute masters of crowd control.  I remember Erick Sermon stopping the sound and saying, “Hey yo P, who was that we saw on the road on our way to Lincoln?” And they both responded, “Jaaaaaaaaaannnnnnne!!!”  I can’t remember exactly when DJ Scratch did his routine but he absolutely tore the house down, scratching backwards, using his elbows and putting on the hockey mask under the booth.  It was a great show through and through and most people were pissy drunk and sky high from cannabis talking about it afterwards. 

Some highlights from this issue:

Bill Clinton chumps Jessie Jackson and disses Sister Souljah

– Redman with the hip-hop quotable for “Headbanger”

DJ Capri is spotlighted

-The first ads (in The Source) for cell phones appeared in this issue

Kid Frost, Mellow Man Ace, and A Lighter Shade of Brown are interviewed

– The MOVE tragedy is reviewed (I remember seeing the smoke from that fire when I came home later that day.  And I lived like 12 blocks away so that fire was huge.  Why did “The City of Brotherly Love” kill innocent children?)

Record Report highlights:

DJ QuikWay 2 Fonky (4 mics)

Brand New HeaviesHeavy Rhyme Experience Vol. 1 (3.5 mics)

MC RenKizz My Black Azz (3 mics)

MC SerchReturn of the Product (3 mics)

House of PainShamrocks and Shenanigans (3.5 mics)

Zhigge – Self titled (3 mics)

September ’92 issue  




  1. haha, i’m loving your stories man. makes me smile and wish i was born earlier.

  2. […] to college with.  This one is from the October 1992 Hit Squad concert (which I discussed here –, which still stands as probably the best concert I’ve ever seen from beginning to end.  In the […]

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