Posted by: vincentlopez | February 9, 2008

In The Trunk


The August 1992 issue of The Source features Too Short on the cover.  Other than the video (Life is…Too Short) that I watched on The Box way back when and the “In the Trunk” DJ Premier remix I stumbled upon last year @, I never really liked this guy’s music.  That elementary flow never did it for me but I have always respected his longevity and his ability to say what he wants on a record while getting very paid.  I think he mentioned, in Ego Trip’s Book of Rap Lists, that he only makes music for his core audience of fans and that that was one of the secrets to the game.  And he retired in 1996, right, only to return a few years later?  This issue also covers the L.A. riots, which wreaked havoc in that city after the ill advised Rodney King verdict.  Even with videotaped proof, the courts can’t get it right.  Shoot, I lost in traffic court when I had proof that I didn’t drive through the ‘STOP’ sign and the officer never showed up!  The Just-us system makes me cringe sometimes.

Oh yeah, I’ve been trying to scan more ads so please be patient with me.  Sometimes, my brain shuts off when I see a Candyman, Sir Mix-A Lot or Young MC ad.  But since some of you are fans of artists like them, I will attempt to scan at least 95% of the magazines beginning with the ’93 issues.

Some highlights from this issue:

Questlove from The Roots (formerly Square Roots) writes a letter to The Source – I remember seeing them perform live on South Street for loose change here in Philly before their record deal.  Black Thought is a real MC.  His freestyles were on point.

– Rappers (Freddie Foxxx, Willie D, Melle Mel, etc.) face off in the boxing ring – This would NEVER happen today.  Can you imagine 50 Cent and Fat Joe going at it for charity?

Pete Rock with the hip-hop quotable for “For Pete’s Sake”

Saafir as the Unsigned Hype artist of the month

Tung Twista sets a world record for speed rapping

The Brand New Heavies create an album (Heavy Rhyme Experience, Vol. 1) with rap artists – …and I’ve been waiting 16 years now for volume 2.

Pete Rock & CL Smooth drop science from the basement

Record Report:

EPMDBusiness Never Personal (4 mics)

Eric B & RakimDon’t Sweat The Technique (4 mics)

Kwame & A New BeginningNastee (3 mics)

August ‘92 issue REUP




  1. I just want to thank you for this. It’s a great history lesson to have these old Source mags.

  2. Thanks for the comment. I’m glad to hear you’re learning something from those old magazines.

  3. Should get professional help in traffic court because they almost always win. Representing yourself in traffic court is not cool.

  4. Thanks for the upload. It is like a time capsule into tha past.

  5. Yo man, you have no idea how much bliss all of your scans of past Source issues bring me. I actually had an extensive collection of The Source dating from circa ’92-’97, but when I moved out of my mom’s house a few years ago she threw em away as she was cleaning out the house. So I’ve read pretty much all of these issues you’re posting up, but it’s damn nice to check em out again and go back down the memory lane. It just sucks i don’t have the physical copies otherwise I’d definitely be helping you out with these scans. Peace

  6. Hate to be a pain, you know I appreciate the effort of bringing these issues back to life. But any chance of a re-up? This August ‘92 issue link is dead. I can wait.

  7. @ L. Maruader – I re-upped it.

  8. Thanks for the quick re-up!

  9. Eric B and Rakim-Don’t Sweat the Technique: Deserves more than 4/5, it deserves 5/5

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