Posted by: vincentlopez | February 6, 2008

I’m Not A Player


The July 1992 issue of The Source brings up such great memories from my college years.  That summer was truly one for the ages.  Let me tell you.  I had just finished my sophomore year, was working at a supermarket for book and CD money, and I was also taking a Microeconomics class at the Community College of Philadelphia so that I could play catch up in my junior year.  But man, what I remember the summer of ’92 for the most is great, great music and the three girlfriends I had at the time.  Yes, I typed THREE.  The grumpy old man typing these words right now was a smooth 19 year old player back then.  I remember days that summer when I invited all three girls over to my house and kept the schedule perfectly timed so that none of them ever bumped into the other one.  I had some close calls but my cousin Allan was always there to watch my back and I did the same for him with his women.  Ahhh…the days of summer!  Anyway, I’m sure you don’t want to hear about my further exploits of those women.  Oh yeah, the summer of ’92 was also when I stopped drinking alcohol, stopped smoking “chronic” and stopped eating pork.  Now that I think about it, as the music got better throughout the year, so did my health. 

Some highlights from this issue:

– Director John Singleton joins The Source as a contributing editor

Miles Davis and Easy Mo Bee create Doo Bop (Did you know that Easy Mo Bee is the only producer that made songs with Miles Davis, Tupac and Biggie?)

–  Kool Keith with the hip-hop quotable for “Poppa Large”

– A rap session about the death of vinyl and DJing

– The Sega Genesis debuts (making video gamers everywhere rejoice!)

– Interviews with Kriss Kross, Das Efx, and Gangstarr

– The Summer Jeep Slammers of ’92 (some albums came out later or never came out at all) including: Kool G Rap, Grand Puba, Main Source, Brand New Heavies, Redman, Eric B. and Rakim, MC Serch, EPMD, K Solo, etc.  Please check some of the album titles that were later changed.

Sorry, there was no record report due to the summer album previews.

July ’92 issue




  1. Thanks for sharing!
    Great work!
    Saludos!!!! 😉

  2. I lived for Fat Tapes. Post more from ’92, if you can. Anybody know where to find the playlists nowadays?

  3. Funny about Chi-Ali and his message to highschoolers to stay away from guns and violence…
    Plus, I like how JD just comes right out in the interview to say not only did he write all of Totally Krossed Out, but that he would’ve performed Jump if he had thought it would’ve blown up like that.

  4. @Ruestar – I thought that was a sad irony for Chi-Ali considering what happened to him 8 years later. I remember seeing him on ‘America’s Most Wanted’ and thinking, “That can’t be the same guy who did ‘Funky Lemonade’.”

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