Posted by: vincentlopez | January 30, 2008

I’m Still #1

bdp-sav.jpgThe April 1992 issue of The Source featured the ever arrogant KRS-One on the cover.  Now, since he’s my favorite rapper of all time and the all time best, in my opinion, his arrogance has never bothered me.  KRS-One (or rather BDP) was definitely on some ish in ’92.  The WWF smack down of PM Dawn really put them in the spotlight.  I actually thought he would eventually be arrested for assault but nothing ever happened.  Anyway, the Sex & Violence album was like Return of The Boom Bap 1.0 to me.  Raw lyrics, dusty sounds and hard beats abounded.  I literally listened to it everyday (along with Lord Finesse’s Return of the Funky Man) during that cold spring semester in ’92.  And it has one of the best album covers I have ever seen in my life.  I know that some of the younger people today aren’t fans of KRS-One much but there’s no denying his place in history for those of us who are 30 and older.

Some other highlights from this issue:

 Kool Kim (of the UMC’s) writes an editorial on Disunity in Hip Hop – With their happy go lucky image, I never suspected that the UMC’s were conscious people.  Isn’t Kool Kim now called NYOil?  It all makes sense.

The Jaz with the hip-hop quotable for “Sign of the Crimes”

Kool Moe Dee owes the I.R.S. for back taxes

A rap session on the BDP/PM Dawn incident

Record Report highlights:

Ultramagnetic MC’sFunk Your Head Up (4 mics)

Fu-SchnickensFU Don’t Take it Personal (3.5 mics)


Little ShawnVoices in the Mirror (3.5 mics)

April ‘92 issue






  1. Can’t thank you enough for scanning all these pages for us. Never got to see this side of The Source before, so it’s dope that I get to now through your blog. Keep it up~

  2. Ultramag ‘Funk Your Head Up’, I remember mad fiending for another Ultra album after Critical Beatdown hit in 1988… when Funkfinally dropped it disappointed me a little, the album was a ‘slow burner’ and soon it started to grow on me… but the Poppa Large Eastcoast Remix really blew my brains out!! I’ve probably listened to that song a couple of hundred times already.

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