Posted by: vincentlopez | January 26, 2008

Be True To the Game

The January 1992 issue of The Source was the 1991 year in review issue.  I always enjoyed these year in review issues, especially in later years, for the brief trip down memory lane.  And as I sit here watching The Cosby Show while typing this, glancing through this issue is like taking a spaceship back in time.  Ice Cube, the family movie guy today, was in the Nation of Islam back then and no one could turn his frown upside down.  Can anyone imagine O’Shea X in the Nation of Islam today?  Death Certificate was released in November ’91 and was still heavily debated in December ’91 when this issue hit the stores.  I really miss the angry version of Ice Cube.  He was at his peak on this album and it seemed at times as if he would come through the mega sized speakers I owned back then.  His music career spiraled slowly downward from here.

By the way, what was the best album released in ’91, in your opinion? 

Some highlights from this issue:

Miles Davis, who passed away in ’91, is remembered for his genius

-The best album, single, and artist for the year – I don’t agree with their top album of the year but I can see why they chose it.  Just look at the list of 15 albums.  They should have included 20, in my opinion.  It’s unbelieveable that this list of albums would be TOPPED in ’92.  Ahhh…the golden years of hip-hop!!!

-The artists were also polled on their top 5 albums of the year – I think I agreed with “Master Ace” more than anyone else.  I think he’s a Philadelphia Eagles fan, too.

-An article discussing the marketing of products (soda, fast food, alcohol, etc.) by hip-hop artists – Back then, it wasn’t considered “good” to market certain products.  But today it’s almost essential for an artists’ survival to endorse just about any products such as candy bars, chewing tobacco, and motor oil.  The ads that upset me the most were Rakim‘s St. Ides ad on the radio and the Kentucky Fried Chicken commercial with Hammer and his entourage dancing for chicken!  I hid under the covers after watching that garbage.

Record Report highlights (the mics are finally here!):

-Ice Cube – Death Certificate (4.5 mics) – Was this rated appropriately?  Should this be rated higher or lower now?

Organized Konfusion – Self Titled (4 mics) 

Big Daddy KanePrince of Darkness (3 mics) – Other than “Come on Down” featuring Q-Tip and Busta Rhymes, I can’t listen to anything else on here.  I remember Terrell laughing at me for buying this, too.

Run-DMCTogether Forever (4 mics) – Huh?  This should have been 5 mics easily.

2Pac2Pacalypse Now (3 mics)

January ’92 issue  RE-UP




  1. Only just discoverd this blog today actually, but am already loving every bit of it. Thanks for all your trouble of the scanning and uploading. It’s definitely appreciated!

    To answer your question: I’d give Death Certificate 5 mics now, am still loving that album to death

  2. Organized should have been 5 easily

  3. Best album of ’91? “Mr. Scarface Is Back”, hands down.

  4. Cool Ish. I like the review for 91 and love the fact they gave sometime to give props to Miles Davis. Also like the initiative they took in making their own artist of the year and etc. Would Have thought the Tribe Album be Tops for the year.

  5. Another classic! Thanx Vincent

  6. Death Certificate is the G.O.A.T. It is the closest thing to a perfect rap album ever. Bottom line.

  7. Yeah, Cube should have gotten five mics. I can’t fault anything on that album.

    The cover on this one looks like its seen some action haha. I used to have this one in the top drawer of my dresser for the longest time. Probably my all-time favorite one.

  8. The did go back and re-rate Death Certificate 5 Mics in 03.

    Lovin’ the site but click my name and all your dreams will come true…

  9. Could you please re-up this download, thanks. Also some might disagree but i have to say 2pacalypse now was a tight album. his messages were no different than ice cube’s on death certificate. i thought scarface and the geto boys both came pretty hard with good albums too.

  10. @ sliccric2006 – It’s re-upped!

  11. Ice Cube-Death Certificate: 4.5/5 is too low
    Organized Konfusion: 4/5 is too low, and 4.5/5 would be too low as well
    2Pac-2Pacalypse Now: 3/5 is low, it deserved 4/5

    Haven’t heard the rest

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